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What keeps the place grounded, however, is the community pride, activism and DIY spirit that still shines through

Excellent piece from Paul Gillespie@IrishTimes  columnist on why Extinction Rebellion is making its mark...In my view, it also highlights risk of fragmentation of global climate activism. via @IrishTimesOpEd 

In “Know My Name,” Chanel Miller observes her own ordeal by adopting the stance of a reporter, a media critic, and an activism-minded theorist.

GREAT AND IMPORTANT VIDEO on the suppression and criminalization by the agricultural industry of activism and dissent: In Iowa, politicians protect the influential meat industry by making animal rights activists criminals. by , David Zlutnick@lwoodhouse 

We’re at #AfroPunkAtlanta  this weekend! If you’re here, check us out on Activism Row and if you text AFROPUNK to 668366 you’ll get a free shirt at our booth! #AfroPunkWeSeeYou 

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"Everybody kind of finds their own personal connection and I think hers have to do with women's freedom and immigrant's rights." @johnlegend  shares how @chrissyteigen 's political activism has changed him.

Dame @FollowWestwood  and supermodel @NaomiCampbell come together to discuss their shared passion for activism and philanthropy, and their memories of the time Naomi famously toppled off her vertiginous heels on the designer's Paris runway...

#Nonviolence  can be applied TODAY to effectuate social, cultural, and personal change. It is a RELEVANT and POWERFUL tactic for activism, education, governing, etc. #MLK 

A new tech/social-media-savvy generation of Inuit is wading into the world of activism, using humour and reason to confront aggressive animal rights vitriol and defend their traditional hunting practices. Angry Inuk, 8:25pm tonight on @NITV .


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Political activism is important and apathy is no longer cool, do your research and get involved.

Our highly trained security professionals are not allowed to do their job on the Border because of the Judicial Activism and Interference by the 9th Circuit. Nevertheless, they are working hard to make America a safer place, though hard to do when anybody filing a lawsuit wins!

There are a lot of CRIMINALS in the Caravan. We will stop them. Catch and Detain! Activism'>Judicial Activism, by people who know nothing about security and the safety of our citizens, is putting our country in great danger. Not good!

U.S. Census DOES require name, phone number, date of birth, sex, ethnicity, race, unmarried partner, & biological or adopted son or daughter. But can’t ask if you are a Citizen?? Judicialactivism & utterly biased decision. @realDonaldTrump  force this issue—by Executive Order.

Can you all help me get more followers here? The more I have the more my words will have weight. I am a fighter 4 FAiRNESS in all aspects of US life. I am tired of being smeared-over a stupid mistake erasing 30 yrs of activism.

Just left the House floor. Background checks passes by a huge bipartisan margin. 240-190. Unreal. Elections matter. Activism matters. And faith in the righteousness of your cause, no matter the power of the status quo, MATTERS.

We can debate guns. But to all those who mock or lie about the students of Douglas High, to all those who rain vitriol down on the nascent activism of students across the nation, to all those who spread outrageous conspiracy theories, there is no place for you in civil society.

#BTSARMY , all we have to say is WOW! Thanks to your activism we reached our donation goal of $1M in just 2 days! These funds will help provide lifesaving support to children suffering from malnutrition. #RoarForChange 

I just gave 1,000,000 dollars to Unidos Por Puerto Rico. Where r ur donations, Koch Bros. Mercers, @realDonaldTrump ? Day 1 of activism.

Welcome to CA, , where we celebrate diversity, innovation & activism. We believe in climate change, DREAMers, and healthcare for all. We understand you...don't. When you attack our state, we harden our resolve. We'll continue to build futures, while you try to build walls.