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Trump talking about “nurses putting on their outfits” just doesn’t really work for him. Brings us back to a certain Access Hollywood tape.

Surprise!? In 2016, Yamiche Alcindor heard the "Access Hollywood" tape of Trump, and immediately pulled the Race card. Oh, white women, you can't grab them....

"Restricting negative portrayals of China is a price foreign companies must pay if they want to access the Chinese market. And pay, it seems, they will. For instance, it may be startling to realize that Hollywood has not made a movie with a China-critical plot since 1997."

Am told by people who know about such things that this story is the most-read ever in the history of our website, exceeding such greatest hits as our news story about Trump on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

@PeterAlexander  heavily edited version Pete. Trump hates @nbc  because you scum bags tried to bury him with the Access Hollywood tape. Take it like a man!

Personally, I learned about The Hands from the Access Hollywood test.

We’ve been through Access Hollywood RussiaGate Mueller investigation Impeachment scam Media hate 24/7 Deep state coup And we are still with our President and kicking their Aces! We will get thru a stock market dip and a pandemic! Stay strong!!!

The IC assessed Russia preferred Trump in 2016 and its actions corroborated that, such as releasing stolen Podesta emails just minutes after release of Access Hollywood tape. A question for briefers & lawmakers now is: what is the evidence Russia’s preference has changed?

@LPDonovan  @PresidentNPerryYep . Also the 2016 GOP campaigns looked very different than 2018 and especially 2020 campaigns. A large number in GOP were outright opposed to Trump even in general post-Access Hollywood. Rubio was explicitly running as a check on Hillary AND Trump!

As a non-American, watching all the “Bloomberg got destroyed!” coverage, have to recall predictions of Trump doom after Access Hollywood tape. America is in a very weird place, I don’t know if anyone knows how any of this plays.


Most relevant

Remindier: Wikileaks started publishing first of hacked Podesta emails within an hour of the release of the Access Hollywood tape. This was also the same day ODNI/DHS first publicly blamed #Russia  for election interference.

Speaking of the report of the firing of the person who leaked the ABC video alleging coverup of Epstein story... Whatever happened to the person who leaked the Access Hollywood audio of Billy Bush and President Trump?

Trump's deteriorating condition demands action from the Congress of the United States. Does he really think that's not his voice on the Access Hollywood tape?

ICYMI, last night Jerome Corsi admitted to that Stone urged WikiLeaks to release a tranche of hacked emails the SAME DAY as the damaging Access Hollywood tape. More evidence the Trump campaign & WikiLeaks coordinated. Criminal exposure grows for Individual-1.

I watched the post-Access Hollywood presidential debate with Brian Kemp at a Kansas hunting lodge. (He didn't realize I was a reporter.) He joked "Trump should have gone over there and groped her!" to a room of corporate donors and other secretaries of state.

Please retweet if not one word you heard @realDonaldTrump  say on the Access Hollywood bus surprised you. Not one word.

A reminder: “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful - I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” - Trump on 2005 Access Hollywood tape

I don't think the country has understood how psychologically wounding it was to so many women that Trump won after the Access Hollywood tape

"Under Oath" is nice but to make sure Trump is honest, we need him to testify "On an Access Hollywood Bus.”