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Tom Holland@TomHolland1996 ) has played several American characters, trading his Englishaccent for an American one on-screen. He says at this point, he doesn't really notice the difference.

It dawned on me, now that I’ve met @joevest  in person, that he looks like he’d be a Kingsman. All he’d need is a Britishaccent.

Linguists have discovered why your foreign language accent sucks

If you could talk with an accent what would it be? I've been practicing for years and haven't got one, yet I'd like to talk in an old southern Texas drawl. What about you?

*Jazz spoke w cocky-NY Accent *UK Bird *firstclass She wanted me to see the ring on her left hand and she spoke about him. I was her test Drive! I said, "I'll buy you fancy drinks expensive minks expensive cars caviar shit i'll pay all your bills." RT Quote via *steventeaster

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RT Imagine having your accent mocked by your own two-year-old son RT *ladbible 😀

I will say I’m here for the Bernie vs Mike NY-accent-off and it’s a hot competition #DemDebate 

Accent Group says same-stores sales in the first seven weeks of the new half rose 3pc. @suemitchellafr  #ausbiz  #earnings 

I hadn't thought about this, but it makes sense - if you tell Google Text To Speech to read English text in a French voice, you get a plausible French accent.

“Imagine if, like, Minnesota came out tweeting in a Minnesota accent. That would be off the hook." That's a big focus of @freep  Twitter: Tweet like Detroit & Michigan. Happy to see @PearlGabel  @megancoyne13  get recognition for their efforts on @NJGov .


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we really don't deserve Michelle Gomez -- here she's making Gavin Leatherwood repeatedly say "fuck me senseless" in a Scottishaccent for absolutely no good reason.

" i love you " with a Spanishaccent is the cutest thing haha

Who has the worst, pandering fake Southernaccent? 1. AOC 2. Hillary Clinton (I've made a little video for you to be the judge)

I love that accent you have when you say hello...

I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed by just how many ordinarily sensible English people become blind to lies and bluster when they are delivered in a plummy accent.

The Boring Company is building a watchtower in LA out of dirt bricks & we need a knight to yell insults at people in a Frenchaccent

Imagine having your accent mocked by your own two-year-old son ??