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Season 3 of @TheCrownNetflix  chronicles such trying events as the election of anti-monarchist Prime Minister Harold Wilson; the unmasking of royal art adviser Anthony Blunt as a Soviet spy; and the 1966 Aberfan disaster. #GoldenGlobes 

To ensure that @TheCrownNetflix  portrayed the incident “truthfully and responsibly,” the cast and crew consulted survivors and current residents of Aberfan.

"It was about making sure we were raising awareness to this tragedy" The Crown creators reveal the sensitivity behind the emotional Aberfan episode in The Crown: The Official Podcast -

In Energy Pulse this week: OPEC+ ministers agree an unexpected output cut, US oil production growth slows, climate talks start, Repsol makes an ambitious commitment on emissions, and The Crown reflects on the tragedy of Aberfan. Sign up here:

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#TheCrown captures the awful scope of the Aberfan tragedy, but the story of the yearslong neglect that led to the disaster isn’t fully told

I’m a dyed in the wool anti-royal republican. Still, I love ‘The Crown’; it’s such a well made drama. But the minute you see the kids in the Aberfan ep, when you see ACTUAL PEOPLE, you think: Why am I supposed to give a shit about these castle dwellers? The conceit dies, no?

The Aberfan episode of @TheCrown  on @Netflix  is absolutely devastating.

If the Aberfan episode of The Crown's third season moved you, here's the true story about the real-life disaster.


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A generation of schoolchildren was wiped out... #Aberfan  has never stopped grieving

On this day in 1966: 116 children and 28 adults lost their lives in the Aberfan disaster. We will never forget.

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Remembering those who lost their lives in the tragedy at Aberfan. My thoughts are with them, their family and their…

John Humphrys: What we owe the people of Aberfan 50 years after tragedy struck the village, and why it shows author…

On this day in 1966: 116 children and 28 adults lost their lives in the Aberfan disaster.

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Today marks 52 years since the Aberfan tragedy. October 21, 1966 is a day Wales will never forget.

Emotional visit to the Aberfan Memorial Garden, marking the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster…

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Dedicated to the memory of the 144 people killed at Aberfan. And to all those who never stopped grieving.

John Humphrys returns to Aberfan 50 years after tragedy struck the village. He explains why it shows authority must…