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ALP is the bastion of gender balance but only men have their hands up #AUSVote19 

Former ministers Arthur Sinodinos and Sussan Ley are tipped to return to cabinet. #auspol  #AUSVote19 

Hey random trolls I don’t sound like a bogan, I sound like a WOGan get your class slurs right #AUSVote19 

Why Australian PM Scott Morrison's victory wasn't Australia's Trump moment #auspol  #AUSVote19 

Scott Morrison would be smart to elevate someone like Arthur Sinodinos back onto the frontbench. Talent time #AUSVote19 

Not only has Bill Shorten backed Tanya Plibersek the Victorian right numbers are behind her #AUSVote19 

Why should Plibersek be anyone’s deputy? Maybe don’t suggest that #AusVote19 

NSW right of Labor is split on Plibersek and Albanese. #AUSVote19 


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Labor believes they can get to 83 seats tonight. Libs tell me they do not believe they can get to a majority #AUSVote19 

Labor MPs very grim. This is not going the way they needed or expected #AUSVote19 

I’m so glad we’ve been able to clarify this burning issue of whether gays are going to Hell today. Bbq stopper.... #AusVote19 

His mother is dead. Why would anyone want to run for politics #AUSVote19 

New ABC MD tells me that under Morrison Govt’s funding cuts there will be a reduction in services and staff cuts #AUSVote19 

Disgraceful to egg the PM and it also sets back whatever cause that person had. Win people over with persuasive arguments #AUSVote19 

Scott Morrison’s last answer in the #730  interview fascinating. Who will have control “I will.” #AUSVote19