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.@reeltalk6788 founder Matt Maxey will jo@chancetherapperin on his Be Encouraged Tour as an ASL interpreter for deaf & hard of hearing fans 💙
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The Shahara Bridge, Yemen, 2600 metres asl which was built in the 17th century & is still in use today.
.@chancetherapper hires ASL interpreters for deaf fans at his shows
"This was our thing, was 'I love you' in ASL" - Rhonda Hart, mother of Santa Fe victim Kimberly Vaughan, shares her last words to her daughter with CNN's Anderson Cooper
.@ChanceTheRapper's ASL Interpreters Explain The Art Of Rapping In Sign Language
#MissingVulnerableAdult Donald Klein an 87-year-old white male from Poughkeepsie, NY. Driving a 2000 beige Toyota Camry with NY registration CGE-5280. May be driving to Brooklyn, NY. Seen? Call 9-1-1. Multilingual & ASL link: .
new album a/s/l? 4/20
👋 I'm looking for a deaf illustrator to work with on an animation project. 🤙 If you are deaf and know ASL send me your work or your favorite deaf artists 🤟 👀
"Cyber Monday" just reminds me of middle school, AOL chat rooms and pretending to know what "cyber" meant. #asl?
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