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Year that company was founded.

Twitter: 2006
Facebook: 2004
Google: 1998
Amazon: 1994
Huawei: 1987
Dell: 1984
Lenovo: 1984
Apple: 1976
Microsoft: 1975
AMD: 1969
Intel: 1968
Sony: 1946
HP: 1939
Samsung: 1938
Panasonic: 1918
IBM: 1911
Hitachi: 1910
Nintendo: 1889
Toshiba: 1875
There is a club, none of us ever have or ever will belong to,it protects the powerful from the same laws we live under every day, a club that controls the major media coverage and the ebb amd flow of the economy to their benefit
It may be nameless and invisible but it exists
Words from a new song
Welcome to America I’m glad you could arrange it
We like it just the way it is so don’t go trying to change it
If you can’t eat and sleep and breathe it
If you don’t love it you can leave it
Amd go on back to where you come from
Just heard one of our fans lost his life in the tragic Cincinatti shooting... My thoughts are with Rick Newcomer’s family amd friends. Terribly sad to hear this.
Come home amd my dog thinks she’s a billy goat 🐐🏔
Good moment for @AMD to open-source their PSP & firmware. In the next cycles, many will discuss replacing @intel.
Morning prayer
Lord help us to carry Your word in our hearts and minds as a weapon against the trials amd temptations that will come our way today.
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