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Year that company was founded.

Twitter: 2006
Facebook: 2004
Google: 1998
Amazon: 1994
Huawei: 1987
Dell: 1984
Lenovo: 1984
Apple: 1976
Microsoft: 1975
AMD: 1969
Intel: 1968
Sony: 1946
HP: 1939
Samsung: 1938
Panasonic: 1918
IBM: 1911
Hitachi: 1910
Nintendo: 1889
Toshiba: 1875
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5. The second issue is a fundamental flaw in processor design approach, dubbed Spectre, which is more difficult to exploit, but affects virtually ALL PROCESSORS ON THE MARKET (Note here: Intel stock went down today but Spectre affects AMD and ARM too), and has NO FIX.
Fun fact: Intel has ignored every request for comment and clarification we made this week.

AMD + Arm responded with info. Arm doubly so.
AMD is proud to sponsor @ScuderiaFerrari #SF71H.
Designed for gaming without limits. Experience the extreme power of the new, smarter, 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen processor!
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Good moment for @AMD to open-source their PSP & firmware. In the next cycles, many will discuss replacing @intel.
Mark your calendars. Set your alarms. Get your popcorn ready. EARNINGS this week 🍿 🚨

Wed - $TWTR $FB $AMD $CMG $F $T $V $BA

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