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I nominate Prince Harry , Boris Johnson and Arsene Wenger ! Get involved ! Amazing charity !! #als
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"My life depends on it. I need you to make your vote match your principles, Senator." A man who says he was recently diagnosed with ALS debates the GOP tax bill with Senator Jeff Flake on a plane
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'I want to help the American people see just how broken this system is.' — This man with ALS was denied life-saving treatment. So he confronted his health insurance company to find out why
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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014? Its funds helped discover the gene linked to ALS
The activist, who has ALS and confronted Sen. Jeff Flake about healthcare and the tax bill on a flight, tells @chrislhayes he’s asking Americans to “stand up with me on this … I don’t know how many more birthdays I have left.”
50% of people diagnosed with ALS will live about 4 years. Stephen Hawking lived 13 times that while continuing to lead science. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.
BREAKING: Physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76 according to a family spokesperson. He was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS in 1963.
I pledge a $10,000 donation to ALS + I will also ice myself to spread the word. If 1 person is sick the whole world is. We are one body.
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