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It's the #Olympics and Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are there, sort of. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski, AFP/Getty) #openingceremony #olympics2018
Usain Bolt says goodbye. His final 100m in Jamaica. (AFP)
Some pictures are worth like a billion words. [by @Robyn_Beck /AFP Getty via @WillAmato]
AFP: Man expected to win French Presidency now facing corruption investigation. Seems his accounting is less conservative than his politics.
Grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingya militants found: Reports AFP quoting Myanmar army
BREAKING: Fidel Castro’s eldest son has committed suicide, Cuba state media says - AFP
This photo of Trump and the first Vader scene in "Rogue One" is beyond iconic (📷:: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images)
Students of St. Scholastica gesture the "number one" sign as they take part in the "One Billion Rising" global movement in Manila on Valentine's Day. Over 3,000 students called for an end to discrimination and violence against women and children. / AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE
According to AFP, around 100 people were killed at #Paris concert hall
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