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@johnnylawco  They know. They ALWAYS KNEW. As our children were given to their volcano god, they knew. As children acquired vaccination injuries they knew. While VAERS was allowed to remain broken so it would only reflect <1% of vac AE’s, they knew. And as they mandate vac now -they KNOW.

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@RobJFalcon  @BruceCGordonW  @RobSchneiderr  @DrPanMDong . US VAERS has been left to rot & only reflects <1% of vaccination AE’s, so the custodians of the US vac program are reckless & irresponsible, & ignoring their duties. h #FixVAERSt  #REPEALNVCAtps ://

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@epochchanger  How is hiding true 🔽🅰️ccine death toll via skewing data, suppressing news reportage & keeping U.S. VAERS disabled (it only reflects <1% v🅰️❎AE’s) —how is that not a form of Insider Trading?! Especially when those who are in positions to correct these issues profit from v🅰️❎?!

@jeremyrhammond  None of the institutionalized vac network are not engaging in a form of Insider Trading, by suppressing vac AE’s, refusing to fix dilapidated VAERS, hiding vac dangers from the public to control the perception of vac drug safety/effectiveness.

@PlumRemson  1) Institutionalized networks suppress the evidence showing vac safety/effectiveness is a sham. 2) Same networks also refuse to fix the dilapidated VAERS (so it continues to reflect <1% of US vac AE’s), which equates to ZERO safety profile for vac. How isn’t that Insider Trading?

@boglethem  @Steve05433561i  @immunotoxPhDnd  They can’t even scrape together enough attentiveness to fix VAERS! Is that because a broken VAERS gives the perception of vac safety & effectiveness? Who would be against fixing a vac injury reporting system which only reflects <1% of vac drug AE’s? cc @WhiteHouse  . @WorldMercury  .

@BeccaWBIR  Re: @2ndfor1st  @ABC10 “legally required vaccines -at least 10 of those.” Suggestion; amend your report to say, “there are 72 vac doses required.” Bc many ppl (like yourself), aren’t aware of that fact. Re: Pan’s new vac law: vac acquired injuries now = “false info” tho VAERS reflects <1% of AE’s!

@JNTHN_LCKWD  How in the hell are these low info bureaucrats getting away with this racketeering?! Dear . @RobertKennedyJr , please sue the state of California for #sb277  & #sb276  FRAUD! Mandating neurotoxin vaccines when the US has a BROKEN VAERS (which only reflects <1% of AE’s), is CRIMINAL.

@DrSeanGallagh  @LaughlandMorgane  @immunotoxPhDr  @ProAntiVaxxer  @skarlamanglaY  @MedBoardOfCAou’re misrepresenting. b @LaughlandMorgany  stating they are “trying to seek an education on soc med.” Onlookers can see it is you who has received the education; you’ve been informed that VAERS is broken, but will you still claim vac are low risk when <1% of AE’s are reflected?!

@LeePerdig  @houseofcalebfa1Y  @richardbransono  @RobertKennedyJrur  misinterpretation is curious; but nonetheless, it is a fact that the U.S. VAERS has been left dilapidated for decades & only reflects <1% of vaccination AE’s, which drug stakeholders have used to portray low risk of vaccine injury. You should care, scores do, esp the injured


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@Scott_Chowning  I @SharylAttkisson  @pathfinder1898u  @debnantzn  @eTweeetzderstand  that vaccination risk signals are not being vigorously pursued but ignored. I understand that VAERS remains dilapidated so that we still have no vaccine risk profile to draw upon; <1% of vaccine AE’s reflected & vac pseudo sci stakeholders satisfied to let it rot.

@HighWireRadio  Guess what! @sciam . has discredited themselves & needs to explain why they’ve NEVER defended CDC’s Dr. Thompson, NEVER slammed the public health authorities for allowing VAERS to rot or questioned how they can claim vaccines are safe & effective when VAERS reflects <1% of AE’s.

Of all ppl, she was in a position to knowingly sentence the minority subset to absolute harm, to know that the broken VAERS couldn’t reflect more than <1% of vaccine AE’s, and to know that there was no system in place to test infants for mitochondrial dysfunction prior to vac.

5️⃣There’s no vac risk profile bc those entrusted w vac safety have permitted VAERS to remain defective. It reflects <1% of AE’s! Add to this the fact that MD’s aren’t even required to report AE’s. Add to this that vax aren’t required to undergo double blind inert placebo testing.

How can we know if vaccine injury is really rare when CDC says <10% of vaccine AE’s/injuries get reported, and MD’s aren’t even required to report them?

Chris Brown admits ae’s an “a--hole” and that he used to think, “so what, f--k it, I got money”: