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I’m disturbed by all the happenings with regards to #MeToo. My company and I believe in providing women with utmost respect and safety. If anyone has wronged even a single woman, neither ADF nor I will stand for it.
Hugh Hewitt used his MSNBC show to defend anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

He didn't disclose that the ADF is a major sponsor of his radio programs.
Today marks the charge at the Battle of Beersheba, a brigade which had the highest number of Indigenous soldiers in any regiment within the ADF in WWI
A former serving member of the ADF vs a former politician #auspol #politas
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: "A closer look at what Sessions and groups like the ADF mean when they talk about 'religious liberty' makes clear how both religion and freedom are being redefined by this administration to serve an extreme agenda" @NBCNewsTHINK
Today we honoured Australian women who have served and sacrificed in defence of Australia - those who serve or have served in the ADF, service widows, & women & families whose lives have been impacted as a result of service.
We recognise, remember & respect these wonderful women
Show this some Love ADF <3 RT
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