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Donald J. Trump
mexico is sending a big delegation to talk about the border problem is theyve been talking for 25 years we wan
Mexico is sending a big delegation to talk about the Border. Problem is, they’ve been “talking” for 25 years. We want action, not talk. They could solve the Border Crisis in one day if they so desired. Otherwise, our companies and jobs are coming back to the USA!
Donald J. Trump
governor jerry brown announced he will deploy up to 400 national guard troops to do nothing the crime rate in
Governor Jerry Brown announced he will deploy “up to 400 National Guard Troops” to do nothing. The crime rate in California is high enough, and the Federal Government will not be paying for Governor Brown’s charade. We need border security and action, not words!
Yogendra Yadav
proposal for a national consensus on pulwama 1govt to take opposition into confidence share its strategy 2oppo
Proposal for a national consensus on Pulwama

1.Govt to take opposition into confidence, share its strategy
2.Opposition & media not to criticise or pressurise Govt on this issue
3.Success/challenge in any counter-action not to be made election issue by any party

RT if u agree
Cory Booker
men it s on us to speak out too it s on us to take action not because women are our mothers wives daughters be
Men, it's on us to speak out too. It's on us to take action.

Not because women are our mothers, wives, daughters. Because women are people. And all people deserve to control their own bodies.
Caroline Lucas
labour is right there is a so why did it just back a new coal mine in cumbria anyone who really listened to gr
Labour is right, there is a #ClimateEmergency. So why did it just back a new coal mine in Cumbria?

Anyone who really listened to Greta will know we need action not just words

Me in
J.K. Rowling
remember when it ll annoy the far right was an argument for a course of action not against it giving fascists
Remember when 'it'll annoy the far right' was an argument FOR a course of action, not against it? Giving fascists and racists a little taste of what they want doesn't placate them, it inflames them. q.v. Trump and hate crime, Brexit and hate crime, and the whole of human history.
Bernie Sanders
the fact that we have a president of the united states who doesn t believe in science is an international emba
The fact that we have a President of the United States who doesn't believe in science is an international embarrassment and incredibly dangerous.

Climate change is already causing devastating consequences. We need bold action, not denials.
Eddie Hearn
we will not let them win surely they are winning time for action not words
"We will not let them win" - surely they are winning? Time for ACTION not words
The White House
congress blocking the usmca deal would mean losing out on more jobs more customers for made in america goods a
Congress blocking the USMCA deal would mean losing out on more jobs, more customers for Made-in-America goods, and an even stronger economy!

It's time for ACTION—not STALLING.

Here's the best op-ed on trade today:
Ed Miliband
chris williamson is bringing the labour party into disrepute over anti semitism this is a test of seriousness
Chris Williamson is bringing the Labour party into disrepute over anti-semitism. This is a test of seriousness on our part about the whole issue. Disciplinary action, not simply an apology, is required.
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