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Just STFU Already: Deltoid Dumba$$ Terry Crews Continues CornballCaliber Quips About #BlackLivesMatter , Twitter Sean-Combs-Kettlebells Him In 280-Characters Or Less (Image via Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Can anyone point out the best use of #280characters  when it comes to news tweets?

Check out some of the best ways that brands have been using all 280-characters in their Tweets:

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From inscriptions on Roman columns more than 1,800 years ago to 280-characters for a tweet, news and journalism has changed #GulfNews40  #GulfNews40thAnniversarythAnniversary 

We couldn’t fit everything we do into only #280characters . So we used 280 frames instead.

in 280-characters or less, can someone please tell me why i should want to see 'the shape of water'?

Here are some of the best ways businesses have deployed tweets in #280characters  ?

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We could not fit everything we do into #280characters . So we used 280 frames instead.

Dear : Is your Mac app abandonware? 1) No 280-characters support (I composed this in Twitteriffic). 2) Horrible skipping-while-scrolling bug. I tried to DM you from the Mac app about the bug but (surprise!) it is “an unsupported client.”


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I’m so excited to be part of @Twitter’s#280characters  rollout. Let me just say it’s an honor and a privilege. I’d like to thank my wonderf

We can't wait to get #280characters  so we can finally tweet the full title of that epic @the1975  album.

@Twitter  is considering #280characters ! Or as we say in Germany: 4 words. #Rindfleischetikettierungs überwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Hamlet. #280characters 

With the introduction of #280characters , we are delighted to announce #DaveSaves  will be extended to #DavidSaves .

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The crushing existential dread of when your tea transforms, from a piping hot state, to that of a chilling, grey pool of... #280characters 

The world’s most powerful console. #XboxOneX  (Who needs #280characters ?)