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U.S. Census Bureau employees are ready to help all applicants apply directly online for #2020Census  jobs.

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Georgia is one of the states most at risk for a #2020Census  miscount, reports @WhosWorld .

The #2020Census  is all of these things and more. Get the facts about the census:

NEW on #2020Census : My latest with @LaurenLaCapra  on why the fight over citizenship data is far from finished:

“Not only didn’t I back down, I backed up,” @POTUS  tells reporters on withdrawing from the fight to get citizenship question on #2020Census .

Statement from @RepCummings  in response to @POTUS  decision to issue an Executive Order on #2020Census .

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Find out who's at risk of being miscounted in your state: #2020Census 


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As Americans, we have a right to know who is in our country! #TeaParty  #2020Census 

🎉 YES! Our victory remains--no citizenship question on the #2020Census ! 🙌🏿 🙌 🙌🏽

Common Cause holds a rally to protest including a citizenship question in the #2020census  in Washington.

"Today, the Committee will hear testimony from #SecretaryRoss  about preparations for the #2020Census " - Chairman@RepCummings 

We must stand strong against @realDonaldTrump ’s efforts to undermine the #2020Census .

States are not going down without a fight in #2020Census . Representation matters.