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Comet NEOWISE through my telescope. Yes, it’s still there. Currently exiting the solar system at 100,000 mph — tail first, of course, since comet tails always point away from the Sun. [iPhone 11Pro. 4 sec. Tele-Vue NP101]

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The latest in #Apple 's occasional series highlighting the photography and video capabilities of the #iPhone , is "Experiments IV: Fire & Ice." It's the first to use the 11Pro11Pro' alt='iPhone11Pro11Pro' /'>#iPhone11Pro11Pro .

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Got my hands on a solid iPhone 11/Pro BOM cost breakdown. The top three most expensive components: - Display = $80-90 - Metal Frame = $45 - Apple's AP A13 TSMC 7nm+ = $22

Hey @Apple  - any chance you might fix the ridiculous call drop out rate on the IPhone11ProMax? No/one pays this much for a phone that doesn’t work.

Sound off in our forums: What do you think about Apple's iPhone 11/Pro Smart Battery Case with wireless charging and a camera button?

Went to Apple store to buy 11pro. None in stock. Went to Verizon to do same. None in stock. On one hand, good for Apple. Demand must be strong. On the other hand, what a shitty customer experience. FFS, when you launch a new device you could produce enough to meet demand

The first iOS 13.2 beta is now out for developers with Deep Fusion in the iPhone 11/Pro camera + the new Siri default apps support we wrote about earlier today

Excited to share the photos you've taken with your new iPhone 11/Pro? Come share in our forums: