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About us

Scoopnest is a web media which finds for you the best tweets in real time! Get the top latest buzz on Twitter about everything you like : Breaking news, Sports, People, Fashion, Business, Entertainment, Health, Technology, Finance, etc...
We sort and classify the best buzzing tweets in categories that interest you the most.
With Scoopnest, no need to spend hours to find the tweets that give you a real scoop, you can save time by discovering straight away the most important things of Twitter!

Take a step ahead of the news around the world !

Your new digital free Media : Get the best breaking News and latest Buzz in real time !

1Why Scoopnest ?

  • Sick of being overloaded with information ? Fear of missing the most important news which are about to go viral ?
  • No time to sort all these massive stream of internet data, which overload your mailboxes, tour Twitter and Facebook timelines
  • Need to get to the point as quickly and effectively as possible ?

2 How does it work ?

  • Recovery and aggregation of information from many sources around the world.
  • The scoopnest algorithm sorts and categorizes for you News in real-time according to their relevance.
  • With one click , go straight to the point by removing unecessary informations.

4 Your Options

Scoopnest MapOur website is already available in 8 languages and over 200 countries.
Scoopnest SearchAn intuitive search bar allows you to directly access to topics that interest you the most.
Scoopnest Time3 different timelines to suit your needs : the best news of the last 3 hours, of the day or of the week

5 Our strengths

  • Launched in May 2014, already 3 million pageviews : a site which meets a real need !
  • Content in real time to take a step ahead of the news
  • Get to the essential points with personalized and completely free content
  • An user-friendly interface, optimized for any device
  • Never be cotrained by News, choose it !
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