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What an experience!!! Hoje tive o privilégio de realizar o Kaká Experience Charity com as categorias sub-7 , sub-9 e sub-11, com meninos e meninas!! Foi incrível poder compartilhar o campo com as crianças #TheBeautifulGame https://t.co/91BNex3PUD
By trying the LG Nano Cell Super Challenge, I got to have a very special experience with picture quality and viewing angle.

Are you ready to experience a new level of picture quality with LG Super UHD TV?
Thank you everybody!

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#高能卡位世界波 is my first show after retirement.

I finished challenges that I didn’t even have in my career.

Starting from May 14, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon 12:00 pm, join us on #优酷
Muito obrigado por existir Dona Simone!! 🌹 Pra sempre minha gratidão! Te amo ❤️ #felizdiadasmaes https://t.co/RhqfHfiphN
2 semanas
It was a great moment to play on the field and a fantastic opportunity to share the truth about color in TV with LG Super UHD TV.

I’d like to thank LG for arranging this wonderful event.
More stories at: https://t.co/fmjFQdCyNN

#NanoCellTV #LGSUPERUHDTV #KakaChallenge #ad
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2 semanas
Uma ótima semana a todos! 🙏🏼#Resenha https://t.co/J8hR24XxQh
3 semanas
In a field specially designed for the LG Nano Cell Super Challenge, 

I got to try a new game.

Wondering about the results?

Discover the full story below! 


#NanoCell #NanoCellTVT#LGV#LGSUPERUHDTV #KakaChallenge #adSUPERUHDTV
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3 semanas
What happened to me?

A new challenge with LG Super UHD TV will be unveiled.

#NanoCell #NanoCellTVT#LGSUPERUHDTVV#LGSuperChallenge #ad
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No último final de semana participei junto com esse time de craques do Caioba Soccer Camp ⚽️ Queria parabenizar e agradecer o @Caiobaribeiro e a equipe do #turnonthelight_ts pelo final de semana inesquecível. 🙏🏼 https://t.co/58Lg464vSk
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