#IStandWithHarry Jeremy Corbyn leads thousands in support for stricken WWII veteran and Labour campaigner Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand https://t.co/HAC0qJLAPh
On the auspicious occasion of #EidMiladUnNabi the Congress Party extends warm and heartfelt greetings.
President Trump: "Early on, and for a little period of time, Ivanka did some emails. They weren't classified like Hillary Clinton. They weren't deleted like Hillary Clinton." https://t.co/xQQLIyoRRq
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Lok Sabha member Shri K Vishweshwar Reddy who resigned from TRS had a very positive meeting with Congress President @OfficeOfRG today.
Shep Smith: Trump "insulted the murder victim and sided with the Saudis" https://t.co/Uyrlrsy6hn
PM Shri @narendramodi will be addressing 50th edition of #MannKiBaat program on 25 November 2018 at 11 AM. To give your feedback and suggestions before the golden jubilee episode, do take part in a quick survey at https://t.co/rh5JRwZFgw
Obama "crashes" Chicago food bank to bag potatoes before Thanksgiving https://t.co/HDCRxndC5M
Democrats Pushing For Legislation To Protect Mueller, Diamond & Silk Have A Better Idea https://t.co/sWOkQkAlZ2
Trump admin paying undercover informants embedded in migrant caravan: report https://t.co/VvAxchJl4g
Instead of focusing on the grand economic reforms promised in the run up to 2014 elections, the Modi govt. chose to game the ranking system of World Bank's Doing Business Report.

Sarsour repeats classic anti-Semitic slur, accusing American Jews of dual loyalty to Israel and US: The irony here is that Sarsour cannot be accused of dual loyalty - she has no loyalty to America. https://t.co/DPSSZ5KFve
BREAKING: Trump signals US won't punish Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi killing https://t.co/0Gu0Yibz94
He’s gone to court to fight against voting rights.

He’s gone to court to fight against workers’ rights.

He’s gone to court to fight against LGBT rights.

Now GOP & President Trump want make him a federal judge in NC.

Tell tha@SenateMajLdrt Thomas Farr must not be confirmed.
On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we mourn those who lost their lives because of anti-transgender violence and bigotry. We all have a responsibility to fight for safety and equality for everyone — now is not the time to be silent. #TDOR
“Great allies” don’t plot the murder of journalists, Mr. President. “Great allies” don’t lure their own citizens into a trap, then kill them. https://t.co/PY6qOOIOI6
So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly last year at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that this year, for the first time in decades, they will have an author instead of a comedian. Good first step in comeback of a dying evening and tradition! Maybe I will go?
To say “maybe he did and maybe he didn’t,” or that we are incapable of finding out the truth, or that knowing the truth our silence can be bought with arms sales, undermines the Presidency, credibility of our intelligence professionals, and our role as a champion of human rights.https://t.co/MZ3VginOcT
The most British thing you'll see today happened in Downing Street this morning, and it involved @Number10cat and a thoughtful police officer

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Oh my god. Catastrophic. This is written by the Saudis - word for word.

It’s now 100% clear the Saudis own our President - and the new House Dem majority needs to get to the bottom of this ASAP. https://t.co/fc32FAumqD
It’s been FOUR MONTHS since the @realDonaldTrump Administration was ordered to reunite families separated at the border, and there are STILL children in custody, with potential plans to expand and accelerate the child-snatching policy. Inhumane and unacceptable.
Gwalior has always given tremendous affection to the BJP. This is a land closely associated with Rajmata Scindia, who was humiliated by the Congress High Command.

People of Gwalior will never support those who insulted Rajmata Scindia.
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The brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents demands that we make clear that United States support for Saudi Arabia is not unconditional. It’s time to stop the war in Yemen.
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JUST IN: Ivanka Trump used personal account for emails about government business https://t.co/PwqkAP5I8R
The Fake News is showing old footage of people climbing over our Ocean Area Fence. This is what it really looks like - no climbers anymore under our Administration!
....We no longer pay Pakistan the $Billions because they would take our money and do nothing for us, Bin Laden being a prime example, Afghanistan being another. They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return. That’s ENDING!
Catch and Release is an obsolete term. It is now Catch and Detain. Illegal Immigrants trying to come into the U.S.A., often proudly flying the flag of their nation as they ask for U.S. Asylum, will be detained or turned away. Dems must approve Border Security & Wall NOW!
The Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, just stated that “the City is ill-prepared to handle this many migrants, the backlog could last 6 months.” Likewise, the U.S. is ill-prepared for this invasion, and will not stand for it. They are causing crime and big problems in Mexico. Go home!
Isn’t it ironic that large Caravans of people are marching to our border wanting U.S.A. asylum because they are fearful of being in their country - yet they are proudly waving....
People are not being told that the Republican Party is on track to pick up two seats in the U.S. Senate, and epic victory: 53 to 47. The Fake News Media only wants to speak of the House, where the Midterm results were better than other sitting Presidents.
....their country’s flag. Can this be possible? Yes, because it is all a BIG CON, and the American taxpayer is paying for it!
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