I’m going to miss Sears. Especially on those days when you just want to buy a suit, a carpet, an air conditioner, a lawn mower, a foundation garment, an air hockey table and a tractor.
Did you know only two states send more Republicans to congress than California?


Florida and Texas are the only two states that send more Republicans to congress than California.

The only way to fix this is if all the snowflakes show up to vote.

This Wednesday, October 17, as part of my @yaf campus lecture series, I’ll be speaking at Texas A & M on “Who Is Killing America” https://t.co/TziyqtRjBy
Never forget who was with you when you started
T.I. to Trump: We Gotta Talk About the Children Who Have Been Ripped Away from Their Parents!!
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"The two women who left the Bachelor: Vietnam for each other are officially dating now" https://t.co/8DKwNrR8YV
‘Call Me By Your Name’ director plans film inspired by Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’ https://t.co/qKIgp2rzAo
I can’t look. I can’t look. 🙈 I’m so proud of you both, but I can’t look. #VoiceBattles
A new generation of the Queen family has landed on Lian Yu. 📺 @CW_Arrow https://t.co/lytLaSeQdU
Not easy seeing one of these guys go.. but couldn’t be more proud of that performance. Y’all made Texas proud tonight, right @kelly_clarkson ?? #VoiceBattles
5 Top Secret Online Dating Tips from Flirt.com
Another royal baby is on the way! https://t.co/UjdV9IVAAT
The creation of a more peaceful and happier society has to begin from the level of the individual, and from there it can expand to one's family, to one's neighborhood, to one's community and so on.
We love how you’ve named each of our eras over the years. So we’ve decided to call our next album...#LM5

We’ve worked so hard on this, we are so proud & can honestly say this is our favourite album to date. You’ll be able to pre-order it from THIS FRIDAY. 16.11.2018. The girls x
#LM5 Standard edition has 14 brand new tracks, including #WomanLikeMe ft. @NickiMinaj 16.11.2018 ♥️
#LM5 Deluxe has all 14 tracks from the Standard album PLUS 4 exclusive tracks, new pics and a hardback CD book. 16.11.2018 🖤
Normally tribes require you to be, at a minimum, one-sixteenth Native American to be eligible for consideration. So the DNA test actually proves Warren faked her claim to Indian identity for professional advancementhttps://t.co/3QV0iwogVe
Brexit has many downsides but I think it will be nice for the Irish to watch a British famine
I guess Elizabeth Warren is saying that her claim to be Native American is only 99.9 percent false
One year ago I recorded this for my daughter, explaining why I shared my story of sexual assault. I never expected to release it publicly. Now, I feel it’s too important not to share. #MeToo

Dear Elizabella,
I love you so. I will fight so you don’t have to.
Love, mama
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What percentage of @SenWarren ‘s DNA says “bullshit artist”?
Can’t actually believe the new single drops at midnight tonight. I hope you all love it. I adore you all with my entire heart! #WomanLikeMe 🖤
.@RealDonaldTrump lies about healthcare while his colleagues Trump us to death...
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After a whirlwind romance, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have split. https://t.co/3ciw6eR44D
Introducing K-pop band @BTS_twt! (If you can hear them above the screaming... 😆 )

#TheGNShow | Tonight at 10.35pm | BBC One
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Was a pleasure to join my brother @Louis_Tomlinson for his judges house auditions, and of course the legend that is @nilerodgers 🙏🏼

Good luck to all of the contestants, I really enjoyed meeting you all and hearing you sing.

@TheXFactor on ITV, Saturday at 8.35pm & Sunday at 8pm
Come through @NICKIMINAJ 👑
#WomanLikeMe MIDNIGHT 🖤
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When people tell you “you don’t look 50” part of you believes it ... until you see yourself sleeping.
Kindness and a good heart are the foundation for success in this life, progress on the spiritual path, and the fulfillment of our aspirations. Our need for them is not limited to any specific time, place, society, or culture.
All the boys tonight smashed it! Great vocals and great people! #xfactor
beautiful video is out tomorrow 👼🏻 @bazzi ✨✨✨✨ 10am/ET
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