EXCLUSIVE: "New York's Most Undateable Man" says he's still looking for love — and refuses to "settle" https://t.co/4amcYQqK1o
By learning to be more warm-hearted we can create a more compassionate world.
We’ve had #ReggaetonLentoRemix with on blast all weekend & we still can't get enough...who's with us? 🎧🎤🎶 LM HQ x https://t.co/Q1OZkynb6O
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Celebrities Blazing Their Own Style Trends
This is unreal! 😍 how did you make it look so real??? @KamilaRosa_ ...amazing! Perrie <3
Round 3, Angels... Are you ready? #ShadowhuntersSeason3 ⚔️✨🖤 @shadowhunterstv
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Sick weekend at v 😎💘☀️✨
Today's Soundclash is one of the toughest battles we've ever seen. We simply can't choose, so we need your help 💪

Who's YOUR favourite?
It's the gap year I never had... Travels With My Father... available on @NetflixUK from the 22nd September
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London is my country
Enroute #Johannesburg It was incredible last night performing for #Durban Thank you for the ❤️ 😘
How far would you go to save your child’s life?
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Tomorrow at 10a, you could win VIP day🎟️ to @OfficialRandL! Go to the nearest location below have @Snapchat ready & look for the Muse filter
Birthday mood 💗 @fabletics https://t.co/heQbb5xscf
What are you waiting for @amazon ? Do you want to be the last one selling in the name of #hate? #dumpbreitbart
POLL: Would you like to see #TrumpResign?
No negative energy
Speak it into existence
Another one of those "peaceful protesters" that @CNN keeps telling its viewers about
don't promise me tonight without tomorrow too..
How can others believe in you if YOU don't believe in you? Remember who you are! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF &ALL of your talents. #WednesdayWisdom
Unbelievable. He actually did bring the Middle East together.
This chapter of my life is called "do that shit if you wanna do that shit"
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Superbad turns 10 today, which makes Mclovin 35 I think.
The idea that Nazis and people who oppose Nazis are somehow equatable is the most batshit fucking crazy shit I've ever fucking heard.
Cigarettes make you look old and overworked.

The 90’s is over.

U can stop now.
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