okay one of my goals for 2019 is to understand UK politics. I read and read and try and learn but my brain cannot grasp it
Extraordinary to think that if Ed Miliband could've eaten a bacon sandwich slightly less weirdly, none of this might have happened. #NoConfidence #NoBrownSauce
Did she really just say she has been focusing on the issues she highlighted when she became PM? She has done nothing but Brexit and Tory party management. And failed on both. Meanwhile mental health goes backwards, rough sleeping up, NHS schools crisis. Standing in world down
So the far right of the Tory party get to vote again on the future of their party.

But they’re absolutely adamant that the public can’t be given a second vote on their future.

Hypocrites. Cowards. Cheats.
May leaves the lectern - no questions as always. Can't relate normally to any situation. Her premiership is in crisis. She gave no positive reasons to keep her in the Tory leadership other than fear...
Source: May ordered a massive whipping op last night to get the letters withdrawn after Brady told her they had gone in. It clearly failed.
Listen to my favorite seasonal songs on my 'Christmas Songs by Mariah' playlist, only on @AppleMusic! 🎶🎄💖 https://t.co/QXNWlcaoRQ
Pub-quiz setters, here’s a nice fact you can use this week. The 1922 Committee was formed in 1923.
She attacks Corbyn and McDonnell - I'm so delighted to be associated with the two politicians who will save Britain and who terrify this corrupt and shambolic elite
Check out the top male artists of 2018!
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It’s 50 years since I filmed Performance & I’m happy to say that is @Britanniumset to release the larg@Performance1970e format book. Featuring interviews with me, James Fox, Sandy Lieberson, Nic Roeg and over 500 images, it’s a beauty! https://t.co/HwZ6EnAEAu
Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday last week

Photo: @RossHalfin
.@BTS_twt wins 'Time' reader's poll for Person Of the Year https://t.co/N1U1Uqt5np
A thread of all the best moments @BTS_twt has blessed us with in 2018 🔥
My mentions have taught me that Brexit is like Trump’s wall. For its devoted fans it has a symbolic value totally unrelated to its workability, its true cost or the glaring self-interest of its proposers, whereas non-believers see nothing but a deranged and costly vanity project.
Selena Scripted Series a Go at Netflix https://t.co/9KzWNTvlew
Landscaping is a conversation with God
Love you Oman & thanks for taking out time to see me. Insha Allah will come back soon and give u all individual hugs! Thx Vox Cinemas...& all the boys & girls in Muscat.
.@BTS_twt earns 2019 #Grammys nomination: here's why it's important https://t.co/k6RDMcynxl
Me when I found out cold play changed their name 😓
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Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.
#EverythangsCorrupt - It explains our moment in time. It's not just Trump and the government, there's corruption everywhere. Album out today: https://t.co/gILUrxR4wh
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She had them shook 😂😂😂 https://t.co/bl4Hx7Zbjq
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Warming up for the holidays 🎶🎄
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Hello where do I sign up for dance lessons @OfficialMonstaX??? 🔥 #Z100JingleBall #iHeartJingleBall
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A real pleasure to meet Meghan & Harry. ♥️
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