BREAKING: The bipartisan Medicaid Directors from all 50 states just issued this negative statement about Graham-Cassidy.

Big. Very unusual.
📈 Kim Jong Un calls Trump a mentally deranged U.S. dotard. Searches for 'dotard' are high as a kite.
1. Yet again, Erdogan's security detail beats up American protesters. It appears he has given the orders directly
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HHS Sec. Price has taken at least 24 flights on private charter planes at taxpayers' expense, cost exceeds $300,000.
When Celebs Try To Hoop…😂
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He has to go. This is one of the biggest abuses of taxpayer dollars by a Cabinet member in modern history.
Saving u trouble of looking-up Kim Jong-Un's word-of-choice for Trump:

an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile
Jimmy Kimmel has talked about health care at greater fact-based length in his monologues than Donald Trump has as President
it's September 21st you already know what tf goin on
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Hey @Disney make a Hercules 2
this is frida, she has found 52 people in the buildings that collapsed in mexico city due to the earthquake.
Whoever designed this floor is evil. THATS A FLAT CARPET.
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Kochs pledge 400 million to GOP if they repeal Obamacare.

400,000,000 / 32,000,000 lose insurance = $12.50

One life is worth $12.50!
To my affluent friends, and anyone else willing to support a noble cause.. I am trying to raise enough money to resurrect Vine
If you want to know how great the Graham-Cassidy bill is for states, the bribe for Alaska is that THEY GET TO KEEP OBAMACARE!!
I don't like you
Your man just asked me if I'm ok
A song we helped with for our boys @BTS_twt is out today
"Moved house, dog has never seen stairs before"

This video legit keeps tickling me
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Update: he's learning to skate
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here's a video of post malone singing tongue tied to improve your day.
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i just laughed for 15 minutes straight
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