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If the ACA is eliminated by the Trump Administration, the top 0.1% would receive a $200,000 tax cut. Those would come from the 10s of millions who lose Medicaid & insurance coverage.

JUST IN: Joe Biden refuses to take a pregnancy test prior to tonight's debate. The question remains: What is he hiding? Developing.

CNN Pre-Debate Poll Shows Biden Clearly Won Debate

Before the debate tonight, I’ll be going on Fox News at 7pm ET to discuss the clear difference in leadership America will see this evening.

Not. A. Single. Conservative. MP. Voted. Against. The. Government's. Deliberate. Breach. Of. The. Rule. Of. Law.

Biden is begging for long breaks during just a 90-minute debate! It’s either two 15 minute breaks or a half-hour break in the middle. So far the Election Commission has stood firm and said they are NOT going to change the practice of 90 minutes WITHOUT a break.


Scoops of the Day

11 years ago, Sully was called for his moment. Now, we are all called to this moment. Join Sully in regaining control of this nation's destiny by voting Donald Trump out. In partnership with @votevets. 

Trump is $421 million in debt. That leaves him open to political and foreign manipulation, and means that if re-elected, he could spend his term cheating more systems, currying more favors, and manipulating his executive power to stay afloat—at the expense of the American people.

Congress needs to pass our bipartisan bill to ban ballot harvesting so no one can exploit our sacred right to vote.

That boy was scooting for his life 🤣

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If your father gives you over $400,000,000 and by the time you’re 74 years old you’re over $400,000,000 in debt, you’re not a “great business man”. You’re a moron.

BREAKING: Omar Connected Harvester SEEN Exchanging $200 for General Election Ballot."We don't care illegal."..."We are taking the money and we'll vote for you" @IlhanMN  is the one who came up with all this" #CashForBallots 

Thinking about how often I've heard Republicans say they hate illegal immigrants because "they don't pay taxes."

main source of joy is this guy who frantically guesses what color the paint is going to be


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The grandma thought that the pool was the dancing floor LMFAOOO, buenos días

I don’t use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that

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Gave this dude a dollar at the gas station and he just started vibin. Best dollar I've ever spent.

Get this kid a twitter account ASAP. An actual savant.

I am a 16-year-old part-time minimum wage worker and I pay more income taxes than the billionaire President of the United States

Hey, remember when the Panama Papers were released and they showed how basically every wealthy person on the planet was avoiding taxes by offshoring their money and nothing was done about it except the reporter who broke the story was murdered with a car bomb?

a refresher video explaining America's tax code.