Senate tax plan:

If you make under $75,000, you’re getting a hike.

Over $75,000 and it’s a cut, but small and temporary.

Corporate tax cut is permanent and will be used to enrich the top 20% (the investor class).

Deficit would explode.
Corporate tax cuts should be tied to capex expansion, domestic hiring and R&D, not just handed out because you got out of bed and showed up.

Have never seen this seriously proposed by either party.
Big winners in Senate tax plan: the wealthy and their heirs (exempts 1st $22M in inheritance from taxes, later all such income; ends alternative minimum tax that insures rich pay at least some tax). Corporations (tax rate cut from 35 to 20%). Cost: $1.4T
If they get this through, in its current form, will mark the complete and final takeover of America by corporations.

You get to keep your stupid red hat though.
"If you elect a clown, expect a circus"
Way to go, Senator!

He really hit the nail on the head here. It's time someone called these democrats to the...
The big losers who pay for this: 13M who lose health coverage w repeal of mandate w/o replacement. Earners <$30000 who face tax incr in 2021. Earners <$75000 who face tax incr in 2027. College students whose tuition grants become taxable. People who pay state & local taxes.
This bill is astonishingly immoral, corrupt, and damaging to people’s lives. The characteristic of this era of power is utte #shamelessnessr .
In the real world, you don’t define someone’s intelligence as we do in a school system.
Why do people stop loving their jobs at age 35?
No news here. I've been saying this to anyone who will listen
America waves goodbye to values, and hello to thugs, dictators and strongmen
You can agree or disagree with BLM’s platform, but nothing in it promotes hatred of any race or group
Before #Bitcoin. After Bitcoin.
You are not alone @brianstelter, after the TrumpTower “many sides in Charlottesville”speech, the few who applauded:David Duke,Anne Coulter &Maria Bartiromo. The next day, I said on air that I’ve looked up to her for 20years & her tweet broke my heart. Then she blocked me.
JUST IN: Zimbabwe's ruling party calls for President Mugabe to resign
Senate bill would raise taxes on average for those making $20-30k by 2021 & those making less than $75k by 2027 #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
NYT hired lead reporter on this story 8 months ago. It's his 5th byline. Investigative journalism is time consuming, expensive. Pay for it!
Latin American history shows that populist nationalism is a recipe for national decline
When it comes to addressing sexual harassment, Congress should not play by their own set of rules. As elected officials, we should be held to the highest standards.

We need reform—and I'll be working with @RepSpeier to get us there.
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The news has dribbled out slowly, but the totals are striking: “the Trump campaign interacted with Russians at least thirty-one times throughout the campaign” and there were “at least 19 known meetings."
Do not circulate this chart. Orrin Hatch will be very angry and use bad words.
.@SenateGOP is ramming judicial nominees through the Senate Judiciary Committee without giving them the scrutiny they deserve. It’s a becoming a joke and it’s getting really embarrassing.
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This is untrue @KellyannePolls - EVERY SINGLE DAY i cover tax reform on @MSNBC & EVERY DAY tur@WhiteHousens down my requests for interviews with ANYONE working on it. THIS IS A LIE
This is awesome: passing the R tax cut would REQUIRE an immediate $25 billion cut in Medicare, plus $111 billion in other cuts (which isn't legally possible). I.e., the whole exercise is illegal under Congress' own rules
Trump when he tweet about Al Franken
Quick question @realDonaldTrump - how did you know what would be on the NEWS over at @foxandfriends before it even aired?
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