.@OfficialMonstaX, the reality show rookies who became K-Pop stars:
Thank you @gretsch for the love today. #gretsch #PalayeRoyale
5 DIY Repairs You Can Do at Home
The Air Zoom Generation has returned. https://t.co/vZrptiguO8
This is gorgeous 😍😍😍
Creative Gift Ideas for the Intellectual Woman in your Life
Louis Tomlinson Basically Just Confirmed That Eleanor Is A Fake Relationship
This is so cute
.@KingJames quietly debuted the Nike LeBron 15 on-court today: https://t.co/zIrlqlyLSi
The Obama family help Malia Obama move into Harvard. https://t.co/LrhYVDGvLv
Game of Thrones Director: The Most Anticipated Incest of the Year Is Gonna Happen https://t.co/o4Z30ScHHs
Happy Birthday @lilyachty! 🎈 6 times Lil Boat has proven that he is the King of the Teens. https://t.co/DWespNLuuR
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Tomorrow. @FifthHarmony @VH1SaveTheMusic
#UOSaveTheMusic #UOCommunityCares
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Say it with us:

Reproductive 👏🏿 rights 👏🏽 are 👏🏾 human 👏🏻 rights.

.@Camila_Cabello covers the latest issue of @FlauntMagazine🦋 Watch our Instagram Story for a peek inside the issue https://t.co/rBOehLkiJQ
Wow Air announces $99 flights to Europe from the Midwest https://t.co/aC2EIWKC0z
SpaceX unveils new suit design, modeled by Elon Musk himself: https://t.co/ERNnczmN5W
See the finer details of my glowy new LA-inspired #VBxEsteeLauder beauty look revealed here x VB https://t.co/j3en297m3D @EsteeLauder
"You always take forever to text back"

Me: https://t.co/y07Yf9QBRi
Do you.
Giving the sun a lil extra love... The moons been getting all the attention lately 🌝 #eclipse2017
I'm gonna miss the eclipse and I'm really worried no one is gonna post a crappy picture of it on instagram.
i woke up at 5am this morning thinking bout taylor swift.
How amazing did Perrie Edwards from @Littlemix look at #VFestival? https://t.co/zBvqO73WdL
THIS WEEK'S CRUSH: Fierce feminist and fab @FifthHarmony member @LaurenJauregui 💜🖤 #5H #Harmonizers #laurenjauregui #FifthHarmony
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these geometric photo display is so cute 📷📸😍
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