Meghan Markle subtly debuted her baby bump in Australia—see her new outfit:
A collaboration between @johnlegend and Wendy of @RVsmtown is coming Stateside. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look here.
With Brett Kavanaugh now on the Supreme Court, 20 states are at high risk for banning abortion meaning over 25 million women of reproductive age could lose access to safe, legal abortion.

@MarthaMcSally on Kavanaugh: "I would have voted yes.” #AZSen
Here's what @MarthaMcSally didn't mention about her voting record: She's voted a whopping eight times to “defund” Planned Parenthood and block patients from accessing birth control, cancer screenings, and other preventive care at its health centers. #AZSen
NEW: Michael Cohen, now a registered Democrat, has talked to government investigators for more than 50 hours
.@kyrstensinema is a champion for access to reproductive health care and women’s rights, and we are proud to endorse her: #AZSen
Messrs @FreemanReads, @Wesley_Morris, @jamesamarcus and @KBAndersen are on a mission to make you think:
Dakota Johnson looked particularly luminous in London.
.@Netflix's Original series 'Élite' is 'The OC' by way of 'Riverdale' by way of 'Cruel Intentions'.
Many excellent movies have been made about entrepreneurs and the pioneering spirit they embody.
PuT soMe Respeck oN My NamE.
👶🏼 Congrats to the Duchess of Sussex who’s expecting her first baby 😍🍼
Shooting darker skin tones as they should be seen : I’ve spent years trying to edit and treat dark skin subjects as special as possible. Most photographers either over expose or under expose our skin tone.
Orlando Brown has checked into rehab for substance abuse and mental health issues
"Music is an expression of our emotions, and language is like a tool for us to do so." - Taeyong, #nct127
If you needed some news to brighten your Monday- Meghan Markle is officially pregnant!🤰🏻👶🏼💗 #RoyalBaby
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The facts are out there. I’m done talking about this bullshit. I have a phone full of more receipts if any more lies want to be told on my name.
There are no rules in verbal warfare ...
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.@iamcardib has taken the world by storm over the past two years, and it's only going to get better from here. Happy 26th birthday, Bardi. 🎂
Just going to leave this here...
Quality over quantity any day 🔥
It's crazy how I'm just living my life and thriving, and every 2 months a new bitch has to come out of the woodwork and try and slander me. WORK ON YOURSELF BABY! If these hoes spent the same amount of time they do on me, as they did ON THEIR CAREERS, they might have one.
I've been backstabbed so many times, I honestly lost count.. Hi, how are ya?
"We are really unique. We all have our style, so I think we all stand out. We each have our own roles and positions in the band and then we work together to make sure we all try hard for the Army." - #Jungkook
.@NCTsmtown_127's global takeover: Get to know your newest favorite K-Pop group.
I’m craving a grilled cheese, dick and a root beer float 😇
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