This puppy doesn't know "sit" yet, but his older brother has the CUTEST way of teaching him ❤️
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44 More available everywhere now! Produced by @6ixVMG
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FULLY UPDATED, REVISED AND EXPANDED: The NRA is being supported by these companies
New: Pres. Trump just said Jared "works for nothing." Paul Manafort also worked for nothing during the campaign. Working for free, especially with debts, can create extra strain and conflicts of interest.
Had an amazing day at @stonewalluk meeting the incredible team, learning what it means to be an ally of the LGBT+ community and what myself, and YOU can do to make a difference. So excited for the year ahead ♥️ to learn more please visit the Stonewall website 🏳️‍🌈 jade x
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25 times Brooke Davis was clearly the best “One Tree Hill” character
This man lied to Mueller's team while trying to cut a deal with Mueller's team. #RickGates
Donald Trump tweeted about Ivanka being in South Korea saying “we cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country.” We do have a better, smarter person... and his name is Dennis Rodman.
.@RepJoeKennedy challenges Republicans who blame the Florida school shooting on mental health: "Don't turn around and tell me this is a mental health issue when you just tried to cut the payer [of mental health services] by $800 billion."
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Thank you to @Calum5SOS, @Ashton5SOS, @Michael5SOS, and @Luke5SOS for gifting us with #WANTYOUBACK. We've missed you, @5SOS ❤️
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Huge step in right direction.
This shelter dog held her foster mom's hand for the entire 2-hour drive home ❤️
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📆2018.04.06 6PM(Local Time)

#SMTLDUBAI #KANGTA #BoA #TRAX #TVXQ! #SuperJunior #HENRY #GirlsGeneration #SHINee #fx #EXO #RedVelvet
WANT YOU BACK IS OUT!! also we are coming to see you soon.
Link in bio ❤️❤️ here we go again...
'Baby Don't Stop' MV
🗓2018.02.27 0AM KST

#BabyDontStop #BDS #NCT2018 #NCT(@NCTsmtown)
Another little gift for you. 5SOS III LIVE.
.@BTS_twt's JIN just cut his OWN bangs — and did a surprisingly good job 😱
BREAKING: Three major car rental companies dump the NRA
#BlackPanther star Chadwick Boseman appears on our cover. Here's how he and Ryan Coogler created the most radical superhero movie of all time
love yourself the way cardi b loves hearing bartier cardi
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Watch 👀 Guillermo del Toro accepting the Director award for @shapeofwater at the #EEBAFTAs
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ONE LESS: Scott Pappalardo owned his AR-15 rifle for more than 30 years. He even has a Second Amendment tattoo on his arm. This weekend, he destroyed his gun “to make sure this weapon will be ever be able to take a life.”
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When this family took in a feral kitten with an injured tail, their dog immediately took him under her wing. And then the kitten bonded to the dog like she was his new mom! 🐶❤️😻
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Kurt Cobain was born 51 years ago today. Here are 12 great quotes by the Nirvana frontman
In honor of Rihanna’s birthday today let’s bring back this iconic video of her slaying the Victoria’s Secret runway
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You. Piece. Of. Shit.
I think it's because 17 people in a high school were just murdered with an AR-15
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