#LAY(#张艺兴) CODE - 2 ​​​​

#MAX to reveal his first teaser video for ‘#여정(#InADifferentLife)’ today at 6pm KST
Trump on white supremacist rally marchers: "Very fine people"

Trump on NFL anthem protesters: "Son of a bitch"

Kylie Jenner is reportedly expecting her first child with Travis Scott. Inside their 5-month romance: https://t.co/EsPh2TFBuQ
Thank you @betsydevos for making it easier for rapists going to college to get away with raping innocent women. What a role model...
reading is hard with cats
The Rise of Online Gambling
This service dog is such a GOOD girl — and she just made the most adorable mistake 🐶❤️
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this family surprised their dad w Enchroma glasses so he could see in color for the very first time in his life 😭😭 https://t.co/pAEBo6n5eo
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'Laws of the Jungle' members strive to survive despite Captain Kim Byung Man's absence https://t.co/eAHRQ5sCTD
G Herbo's official debut album is finally here https://t.co/nQQGqJRdvN
[#WANNAONEinSG] #Jisung said that they ate chili crab last night and they really liked it!
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Happy birthday, @billiepiper - the brilliant Rose Tyler!
The members of BTS are international K-pop kings—and they have new visuals to prove it. https://t.co/PubFYrWPlB
Why am I agreeing to this... If this gets 40k+ retweets I will do another video watching my old cringey vids. #DeFrancoShowForStreamys
We all have that one friend 😂

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a baby 👶 https://t.co/5p9C14EMKj
The world is a beautiful place.
We couldn't have done 100 episodes without you.
#HENRY (@henrylau89) is throwing a birthday party ‘HAPPY HENRY DAY WITH STRINGS’ on Oct 11, 8PM KST🎂🎉🙏

More info👇 https://t.co/Y4a57NyDkr
.@bts_bighit has got dance in their DNA https://t.co/jhZLSHnmgG
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PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US, @melissaponzio1 😢 The #TeenWolf series finale airs this Sunday night at 8/7c.
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BTS reveals their 'DNA' through comeback mini 'Love Yourself: Her' https://t.co/AmKdPiUCQH
#BTS' 'DNA' MV is the 11th most viewed video of all-time in the first 24 hours https://t.co/zdHZszCPqK
#U_Know ‘#DROP’ 2017.09.25 6PM(KST)
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Sterling K. Brown just finished his best actor speech backstage after getting cut off during CBS' live telecast (Watch) #Emmys
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Started from the bottom, now we're here @bts_bighit @USBTSARMY https://t.co/jJe4EDOK8Q
No one knew if Chi Chi would ever walk again - but when one family refused to give up on her, she surprised everyone!
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