Elon Musk Saturday Night

Dogecoin is getting crushed. Blame Tesla’s Elon Musk and Saturday Night Live, write our partners at @BarronsOnline :

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Elon Musk Saturday Night

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise with an estimated $350 million paid out in ransom in 2020. Here's what you need to know.

Crypto update: #Bitcoin  33861.50 +4.28% #Ether  2139.35 +4.89% #BitcoinCashCash  459.13 +4 #EOS21 % 3.6832 +4 #Litecoin85 % 126.99 +5 #Stellar91 % 0.2675 +4 #Crypto37 % 10 Index 13043 +4 #BTC88 % #BCHE #XLM #LTCH 

MW The 13th edition of #Malawi ’s Economic Monitor is out! Find out what our experts think can kickstart the country’s digital transformation and how this could pave the path for sustained economic growth:

Weekend markets update: #DAX  15657 0.00% #DOW  35022 0.00% #FTSE  7023 +0.00% #HANGSENG  27069 0.00% #GBPUSD  13742 -0.03% #EURUSD  11772 +0.00% #USDJPY  11055 0.00% #IGWeekendMarkets 

Indian food-delivery app Zomato saw its shares soar 65% on their debut in India and billionaire Jeff Bezos returned safely to Earth after a successful space jaunt. This is week in numbers 👇

@Teslarati  Large pouch cells undergo significant volumetric changes at high state of charge. Even so, fire risk is probably less than gasoline cars. There are over 200,000 combustion engine car fires every year in US alone. It’s literally in the name.

"What India had 30 years ago and lacks now is an infrastructure where good ideas can be refined and rise to the top levels of government"

China regulator bars Tencent from exclusive rights in online music

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On our “Money Talks” podcast: - Can economic growth survive the Delta variant and the end of stimulus? - Why America’s shale-oil tycoons are now fracking as little as possible - And meet the Chinese bitcoin miners being forced to shut down