Puerto Morelos / Mexico / Ruiz

A young man disguised as death walks the beach of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, inviting tourists and locals to return home as the beaches are still closed to visitors amid the #coronavirus  pandemic 📸Elizabeth Ruiz

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Puerto Morelos / Mexico / Ruiz

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The Department of Home Affairs has been condemned for suspending a senior official for probing dodgy citizenships. The PSASA says Amanda Ledwaba was suspended last week for her involvement in investigating foreign nationals who allegedly obtained SA citizenship fraudulently.

POLITICO: Sen. Mitt Romney said he would support a floor vote on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court, essentially clinching consideration of Trump’s nominee this year despite the impending election.

Office workers told to stay at home if they can and weddings to be limited to 15, says Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as he tightens restrictions for England for up to six months

The big pro-life victory comes on top of a mountain of American deaths. But still worth it for Romney et al. Still worth it.

New: LMPD Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly (who is being investigated as part of Breonna Taylor’s case) sent an email to around 1,000 officers at 2am that calls protestors thugs, complains about the government enforcing civil rights violations, and claims this is "good versus evil”

Actor @ChrisEvans  says voter turnout is “depressingly low.” So he launched A Starting Point to create engagement. “I thought that a lot of people turn away from politics because it’s confusing, a little overwhelming, and this is designed to demystify some of the issues.”

JUST IN: The Pentagon reportedly redirected most of its $1 billion in pandemic funding to defense contractors — who exchanged the money for jet engine parts, body armor and other military supplies.

We’ve watched all summer as mob rule brought violence, arson, looting and murder to our city streets. The mob is now threatening more of the same if they don’t get their way on the SCOTUS nominee. Americans are fed up with living under these threats.

@MaddowBlog : As the US coronavirus death toll tops 200,000, President Trump continues to downplay the seriousness of the crisis.

We entered this timeline 20 years ago with Bush v Gore.