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Starting at 8 p.m. ET ie in like 10 minutes ... my first time moderating @washingtonweek . Tune in.

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Opinion: Students need to learn about the haters and the helpers of our history

A U.S. pilot thanks the man who spotted sparks coming from the engine of his fighter plane and alerted flight control at an air base in Eastern England. By @DanicaKirka 

Despite Major Climate-Induced Damage, UNESCO Refrains from Listing Great Barrier Reef as “In Danger

As infrastructure debate lingers, $34 million and a new sidewalk are bringing life to a small Virginia town

Audre Lorde gave voice to issues of race, gender and sexuality through her writings. Gender equality is important for all of us:

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A 14-year-old girl’s murder went unsolved for 32 years. A lab broke the case using just 15 human cells.

US health officials say they now have evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading in 2 hospitals and a nursing home.

Seven fully-vaccinated Stanford students test positive for coronavirus in a single week - all of whom are symptomatic