Puerto Morelos / Mexico / Ruiz

A young man disguised as death walks the beach of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, inviting tourists and locals to return home as the beaches are still closed to visitors amid the #coronavirus  pandemic 📸Elizabeth Ruiz

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Puerto Morelos / Mexico / Ruiz

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Q: Are election results only legitimate if you win? Trump: "We have to very careful with the ballots ... That's a whole big scam ... They throw them out if they have the name Trump on them I guess ... We want to make sure the election is honest and I am not sure that it can be."

NEW: Facebook says Thursday it has removed accounts from 3 different disinformation campaigns, each with at least loose ties to the Kremlin.

Texas is cracking down on rioting. The Constitution permits "peaceable" protests -- but it doesn't provide the right to riot, rob, loot, set fires or physically harm anyone or any property. We propose 6 laws that punish rioters & protect communities.

The number of followers I am losing and the number of celebrities complaining about the numbers of followers they are losing tells me that Twitter is probably doing some very good Russian Saudi Chinese bot cleanup before the election and I think it’s absolutely fantastic

Mary L. Trump, the president’s niece, claims in a lawsuit that he and others swindled her out of a multimillion-dollar inheritance by engaging in a decadeslong fraud that also harmed New York City taxpayers

‘Today, Ruth is gone, but her life’s work endures.’ — Watch Sen. @elizabethforma  remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg and warn what’s at stake now that she’s gone

A Seattle police officer captured on video rolling his bicycle over the head of a protester who was laying in the street is now on administrative leave

Context: There is no evidence of a massive mail in vote scam or of mass fraud. The president has continued to say this without presenting any evidence as to why he believes this to be true.

This Harvard economist proved that the American dream is dead. His latest project shows inequality is getting worse via @BW