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did the same recently and had the same feeling

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Today marks two years since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. @toryboypierce  asks: Has he done a good job so far? ☎️ 0345 60 60 973 📱 84850

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As the climate crisis deepens the UK’s attitude to summer begins to shift

Brilliant job @_JamesrHall  @Jfrazzle98  @GiarnniM  @maxwhitlock1  After 2 of 3 subdivisions the team are currently in 4th place 👏 GB#Tokyo2020 

The most extraordinary story you’ll read in @thetimes  this week. The long delayed obituary of Harry Edward, GB’s first black #Olympic  medalist

#Tokyo2020 Osaka in Olympic spotlight, but biracial Japanese face struggles #AFP  📸 @aoinogomon56 

Train drivers, lorry drivers, police officers and border officials will be exempt from quarantine as criticism grows over the chaos caused by the “pingdemic”

@GeorgeDobell1  I've really wanted to like it and had convinced myself there was a point. Watching in a Tokyo hotel room, away from the cheerleading, had a moment of clarity: it really is a laughable gimmick with bad graphics and inane presentation. All the good bits were there already