Ava DuVernay

Imagine a world in which we don’t have to hear lies and filth from @LindseyGrahamSC  ever again. Let’s retire this nightmare of a human being. Donate time, money and attention to his opponent, a true freedom fighter: @harrisonjaime . #FlipTheSenate 

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Mince pies at the ready! Here’s your Christmas schedule for @BBCOne … 🥧

And then raise a glass with @BBCOne  as we welcome in the New Year together….🍷

Petition for Mercedes to race @GeorgeRussell63  this weekend! Would be great! Most importantly though: All the best @LewisHamilton  for a fast health recovery.

Roses are red This year is unreal

The Emmy award winning governor for the most deaths during Covid continues his self congratulatory tour on @jimmyfallon  tonight despite the virus numbers going up and the death toll of seniors still being covered up. @NYGovCuomo  just can’t help but promote himself.

Cornish tourism chiefs insist visitors from Tier 2 areas are STILL welcome

“Always be unapologetically true to yourself in business and in life.” These wise words were spoken by the late Tony Hsieh, who lived by them every day

Tony Hsieh’s words and actions had an impact on how I thought, but also how I felt. He was a lovely, special man, and is a huge loss to the world. Our thoughts are with his loved ones

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