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A GMB survey exclusively reveals less than half of black people in the UK think the Black Lives Matter campaign had a positive impact on their lives @fxck_dom187  says it has inspired conversations on a surface level but other than that there’s been only gestures.

‘It makes me tempted to show them a picture of Derek in his current state.' ‘You don’t want this in your life.’ @kategarraway  makes a heartfelt plea to the country to follow the guidance from government to stop the spread of the virus.

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised after being pictured attending a dinner party with eight other people, in breach of the rule of six

Meet the sniffer dogs being trained to detect whether someone has coronavirus in less than a second on #BBCBreakfast  🐶⤵️

@kategarraway  . reveals Derek’s parents haven’t been able to visit their son in hospital for six months. She says if they can go through that with their son desperately ill then the rest of us can get through this. So strong Kate💪

‘Everyone single one of us needs to play our part otherwise this virus will spread.’ @DrHilaryJones  says we are in for a ‘long winter’ as infection numbers, hospitalisations and mortality rates all rise. He explains how important social distancing is for the country.

"You should have claimed it in the first country you entered"

“If we are going to have local measures introduced, there has to be a local furlough scheme” Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson tells #BBCBreakfast  the hospitality sector will need more support if there are new restrictions.

"We are actually worried ourselves about the reality of going extinct" Zoos' conservation work is being put at risk by a Covid-related funding crisis 🦏🦒

Former Benghazi staffer a committee whistleblower, Bradley Podliska, was Boehner’s point man for investigating Clinton’s email server. He has a lot to say about Benghazi but can’t because Pelosi and House Counsel won’t confirm his NDA is null and void.