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What a heartbreaking story. Dementia can strike any family, at any age. Thank you to @LisaRaitt ⁩ for sharing her family’s story.

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Lives Lost to Covid-19: Tommy Cawley, the bull man of Bellmullet and a winning jiver via @IrishTimesLife 

We thank our donors & partners for their solidarity in the response to #COVID19  in 2020. Much has been achieved by countries & communities with the support of WHO and partners in an unprecedented global 🌐 effort. More in detail👉

🎥🔴 Watch LIVE as WHO/Europe holds a virtual press briefing on #COVID19  with @hans_kluge , @martinmckee  and @WHO  experts

"The richest 10% of the global population are responsible for more than 52% of all emissions. Globally, carbon dioxide emissions track GDP growth with remarkable tenacity."

With €5⃣ million support from @EU_Commission  🇪🇺, WHO will help #Somalia  SO fight the #COVID19  pandemic & strengthen its health systems to support the most vulnerable populations. More in detail👉 #WHOImpact 

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The 🌍 must learn the painful lessons from a history of unequal access to HIV treatment. The #COVID19  vaccines must be available to everyone, everywhere! #PeoplesVaccine 

"Tiger farms have become big business and, in order to grow, their owners recognise the need for constant innovation...It is essential that the tiger farm equation is reversed and that tigers become viewed as worth more alive than they are dead."

"As companies which own intellectual property have a monopoly over their products, they are able to raise prices. This may – in the case of anti-COVID technologies – mean less access to life-saving treatments."

We were talking this morning about the new Frasier show that's coming out, & @BirdBonesJones  suggested a reboot of @CBC 's The Edison Twins. We asked @Isotachtics  & he suggested a reboot of @ytv 's ReBoot. What old show would YOU like to see re-made?