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The could well blow the lid off three-plus years of Trump/Russia shenanigans and expose Trump as the traitor he is, for all the world to see. Let’s break it down: [THREAD]

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Please be aware that, under maritime law, your vessel may be subject to safety inspection at any time. 📹: Imgur user RogerG

madame tussauds have added beyoncé to their royal lineup to "celebrate her musical royalty" i am actually yelling

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A Personal Note: I joyfully invite the public to watch the live streamed funeral for my wife Maryse Beliveau-Nance on Facebook & YouTube at 11:00 am ET today Sept 19th & conclude 12:20pm. Please join our family celebrate Maryse’s final journey.

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The only people focused on a baseless impeachment effort are the same people who haven’t accepted that beat Hillary in 2016. Let’s be honest: This is a political vendetta against the President and the American people don’t support it!

Trump’s total silence in the wake of the IC whistleblower complaint speaks volumes.

"We are ignoring natural climate solutions" A short movie with and me, by Tom Mustill, about restoring and rewilding nature to help repair the planets broken climate.


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if it’s weighing you down, free it. no exceptions.

brows really do change a face (fluffyface_enzo IG)

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The saddest thing I've ever seen A swan pulling plastic out of the water 💔 This is shameful. SHAME ON US. We don't deserve this planet or the animals in it.

I want to be in the meeting where this idea was proposed

Good statements for women to practice: 1) you interrupted me. i’m not finished talking. 2) no 3) that isn’t funny 4) that isn’t appropriate 5) i already know that 6) that won’t be necessary 7) leave me alone 8) you’re making me uncomfortable 9) stop ignoring what i’m saying

I'll give $1,000 to someone random who retweets this (must be following so I can dm you) and must be 18 years or older, rules pulte dot org forward slash r, ends in 24 hours, NO PURCH NECESSARY.

He was having a nightmare so his sister gave him a hug


Scoops of the Week

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

I’ve never seen a puppy pull a prank before and this was too cute not to share🐶

Our healthcare is free. We don’t have $50,000 student loans at age 18. Medicine is free for youth under 25. Marijuana is legal. Abortions are free. Our drinking age is 19. Your president is a racist orange cheeto & your police kill black people for sport. Sit this one out, love.

My heart 😭 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️ We really don't deserve them.

Me trying to get my shoe on without untying it

After all this time, where have I been?

absolutely no one: anime swordsmen:

Imagine these crackheads are your kids 😍

so my cousin sent me this and...🥴