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Walter Isaacson

President of the Aspen Institute. Former editor of TIME and chair of CNN. Author of The Innovators and bios of Ben Franklin, Einstein, Kissinger, and Steve Jobs

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Here’s the full interview in which @larrybrilliant  brings his decades of wisdom fighting pandemics to explain this one — and to lament the current state of the CDC, which can’t even gather the data to explain how its spreading.

Here’s the full segment in which the wise Lonnie Bunch explains how history will deal with this strange time of pandemic and protest. @smithsonian  @amanpourcoPBS 

Live now. More interesting than Trump. @PresHall  Watch it streaming here:

“Everyone but the blind can see that the king has fallen on bad luck, and even the blind can smell his decaying fortunes. If a huge wheel goes rolling down a hill, don't try to cling to it, or else you'll break your neck.” — Shakespeare, King Lear

I love Dave Grohl’s music, including at the @PresHall  streaming session last night (), but I never knew he was such a powerful and funny writer.

This @Crimealytics⁩  piece is very convincing about the scientific studies we now have.

Facebook does not just reflect society’s hatred and resentments, it amplifies them. Intentionally. For profit. They are smart enough to fix this if they wanted. My take on the cesspool, with a shoutout to @karaswisher⁩  who’s been covering this well.