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And that is why we set up the Medical Research Future Fund in the 2014 Budget. Why rely on others like the USA to fund Aussie innovation? We were so close': Three potential COVID-19 vaccines had funding cut

BTW this was going to be the lead song for Australia’s tourism campaign in 2002 but they really tried to gouge the Govt on royalties. Oh well. Aneiki - Pleased To Meet You via @YouTube 

WSJ “This is the American energy producers’ Pearl Harbor. We know the ships are coming in, and yet nobody is doing anything about it,” said Kirk Edwards, president Latigo Petroleum LLC. “Every barrel they’re bringing in on those ships backs out a barrel of oil produced here ...

Clearly @apple  are having issues. Now takes 2 months to get delivery of a computer. What’s going on??

Partnering with Professor Jack Chow to suggest a way forward Send G20 swat team to fight flashdemics

And so it happened last night at 10pm as the entire family walks around the neighborhood looking for Bluey the cat who sits under the front stairs eyeing off a mouse....

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Outstanding!! AusBiz | The Drop - Bondi Partners CEO Alex Tureman on US Politics, Jobs... via @YouTube 

Washington DC has 700,000 residents, 7,500 cases and 400 deaths. Australia has 26 m people 7,000 cases and 100 deaths. The reasons are worthy of reflection.

A Public Private Partnership just took two astronauts into space. High risk huh! Now do you think we can do Airports, roads, rail and infrastructure??


C’mon Australia Ben needs our votes to get be the first Aussie into the NBA All Stars Game So retweet #NBAVote  @BenSimmons25 

Why are so many people down on Nickelback? Surely with Foo Fighters they are the closest modern rivals to AC/DC for sing a long rock!

It's just wrong to have a bookie so involved in the coverage of the footy. It has gone too far.

First Aussie, first game, first goal. What a night for @NathanWalks10  Congratulations mate!

Can the angry & extreme left wing trolls who have many more tweets than followers please UNFOLLOW me. You are boring uninformed & repetitive

2 more Labor candidates sacked tonight. ALP is as dysfunctional as ever. Safer to be in a Big Brother house than be a candidate for Labor!

Gillard's comments on abortion and the Coalition are desperate and offensive. She has never deserved respect and will never receive it.

Statement of my intention to resign from the House of Representatives