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That’s a wrap from the @ReaganDefense  Forum—thanks to the @FoxNews  team for another great year! #rndf 

Can a system to push intelligence to frontlines change how the military fights? #RNDF 

The views did not disappoint. #RNDF 

Former Sec Defs Mattis and Panetta say Trump needs to jump start negotiations with Iran. #RNDF 

From #RNDF  today: @RepRubenGallego  voices concerns about the effects of Trump's controversial military pardons

@MacTXPress  opens the #RNDF  by confirming #FY20NDAA  is done, will be voted on by both chambers as soon as next week.

Check out my panel on arms exports at the #RNDF  2018 conference with @UnderSecT  @RepKayGranger  @micheleflournoy 


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@BretBaier : Are you optimistic about North Korea diplomacy? Mattis: I’m not paid to be optimistic or pessimistic.” #RNDF 

DCIA Pompeo: We think Kim is a rational actor, but we fear he’s not getting sound advice from those around him. #RNDF 

Great to meet you Lee - and great to hear you sing the National Anthem. I noticed no one was kneeling. #RNDF 

Dick Cheney praises Trump's going around the press to communicate by tweet: "We don't need you guys anymore." #RNDF 

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