Dana Loesch bringing up guns as a means to prevent rape is DISGUSTING #StudentsStandUp
Emma Gonzalez to Dana Loesch: "I want you to know we will support your children in a way that you will not."
What kind of shithole country are we living in where kids have to come on national television to beg for their lives?
Women are overwhelmingly hurt by guns, not helped. More domestic violence murders are committed with guns than with all other weapons combined. A huge risk factor for abused women is whether or not there's a gun in the home.
I want to watch teenagers school politicians every night of the week.
My analysis of the case for business tax cuts is back up. I hope it enlivens public debate https://t.co/2E3sIP5iP6
I never knew how much I needed to watch Rubio get yelled at.
How To Make More From Your Money In Canada
Dana Loesch is unable to respond without anger & annoyance to mass shooting survivors and it is a terrible look
Yo a lot of reporters could take some lessons from these kids' dogged persistence that Rubio answer. their. questions.
Dana Loesch promoting background check fixes the NRA supports but not mentioning they’re tied up in the House with GOP members demanding they be tied to a law gutting state concealed-carry restrictions.
Hello @jack a lot of people are asking about #TwitterLockOut could the company please provide the criteria for erasing followers while folks sleep. I know there is a lot of pressure to be more responsible in curbing certain actions but that shouldn't extend to muting opinions
Evangelist preacher Billy Graham has died https://t.co/QciuGniO6a
Today’s Falcon launch carries 2 SpaceX test satellites for global broadband. If successful, Starlink constellation will serve least served.
I see twitter did some pruning overnight erasing followers. they snatched a bunch from me but I'm reading a lot if folks got hit much harder. who knows what their criteria is but hope it's not just political
Some years ago,there was only one word to describe Lucknow city: Dirty.
Amazed to see its transformation into a clean city today.I asked if this was due to the investor summit..My local colleagues assured me it was not.They said it has become one of India’s most liveable cities!
I applaud @realDonaldTrump for allowing the cameras to stay during his session on school shootings. These unscripted moments are important for the nation to witness.
This is really something - Trump's most enthusiastic proposal, in his "listening session" on school shootings, is: A) encouraging teachers and coaches to carry guns; B) sending a company of armed veterans into schools.
Standing down today due to strong upper level winds. Now targeting launch of PAZ for February 22 at 6:17 a.m. PST from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
WOW- Pennsylvania church holds a 4-day celebration of assult rifles
new from @christinawilkie: former Trump bodyguard getting $15K a month from GOP https://t.co/Yio1MQ0FGM
George and Amal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation to ‘March For Our Lives.’ These inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard.
Facebook is doing an amazing job blocking crypto advertis...

I’m sure it’s parked around here somewhere …
"One of the most important charts about the economy this century" https://t.co/VWwMdSKGse
@angilly I don’t get the little ship thing. You can’t show up at Mars in something the size of a rowboat. What if there are Martians? It would be so embarrassing.
Just saw it with Stedman. It’s Phenomenal!! Layers and layers of it. Wakunda ForEveeeerrrr! #BlackPanther
"Donald told me on New Year's Day 2013, when I called to wish him Happy New Year, that he'd just trademarked the phrase 'Make America Great Again' and was definitely going to run," Roger Stone (source: https://t.co/Rbu3bzLJWL)https://t.co/IWXBohw6u0
As counterintuitive as it may seem, population sizes don’t go up as the world gets healthier. They go down: https://t.co/Zi4etAcE2p
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