Dish customers lose CBS and Thanksgiving football in fee dispute
The Boring Co․'s 'Initial Hat Offering' raises $300K for digging in hat sales according to Elon Musk by @etherington
How Mugabe Failed to Implement Succession Plan: #Zimbabwe
2018 #SpiritAwards nominees for BEST FEATURE:

The FCC's craven net neutrality vote announcement makes no mention of the 22 million comments filed
Here is a transcript of the president's message on the public wave of sexual assault allegations.
Economists aren't exactly big fans of current GOP tax plans
Intis Business Messaging – Features & Functions
A transcript of the weirdest part of Trump's remarks: he casts doubt on the women accusing Moore, then boasts, "The women are Trump voters."
Birds used cigarette butts to line only those nests that were infested with ticks
Rolling back net neutrality is a terrible idea built on aggressively ignoring a crucial basic fact.
BREAKING: Robert Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe's president, speaker says
In 4 months, Cabinet Brexiteers have gone from:

1. No Transition to a 2 year transition
2. Parallel trade talks to non-parallel talks
3. No ECJ transition jurisdiction to No ECJ over new rules
4. Go Whistle" to £20bn
5. £20bn to £40bn
This aged like a fine wine! 🍷 #yourewelcome
This contraption dries your dog in minutes via @thisisinsider
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“If you are a cop and a teacher in Paramus NJ and you own a home. Your taxes will go up $5000.” @kasie @JoshGottheimer @rickwtyler talk winners and losers in the tax plans @MSNBC
Congress has once again displayed its anti-poor mindset through such tweets. Upcoming elections will be another reality check for them.
So, the harassment issue, while it hasn't (yet?) become a problem for anyone I know well, is starting to hit men whose work I respect and whom I know a bit and liked.

And that's how it should be. There has to be a reckoning, and it will involve some men with redeeming qualities.
The Senate bill, per the Tax Policy Center. The rawness of the top-down class war really is unbelievable.
PBS is halting distribution of Charlie Rose's program and CBS News has suspended him following report of sexual harassment
Know what's at stake if the FCC proceeds with its plan to gut #NetNeutrality
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Going into plaid
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First LaVar Ball picks a fight with Michael Jordan and now President Trump and I'm trying to figure out what demographic group he's trying to sell sneakers to. Meanwhile, his son could have grown old in a Chinese prison. For Real
Making a two-legged robot walk is hard enough, but have you ever seen one do a backflip?
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2017 has been a major year for BTS. A look at the K-pop group's success, by the numbers:
Should clarify that this is the base model performance. There will be a special option package that takes it to the next level.
Is it still alleged when there is a picture?
The opinion page of this weekend’s NYT for Kids is legit better than 99% of adult op-ed pages.
Do not circulate this chart. Orrin Hatch will be very angry and use bad words.
One of the things Trump does is act as if nothing he has said or done in the past is at all relevant to his words and actions in the present. It’s beyond hypocrisy, it’s like malicious amnesia.
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