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President Moon Jae-in pointed to Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong, and said she has become a celebrity in South Korea. Kim Yo Jong blushed to the comments, South's presidential spokesperson says at the #InterKoreanSummit (남북정상회담) https://t.co/WKKOPgnQS6
Simply amazing. Have been to Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary many times en route to Kodagu but knew nothing about this aviary in Mysuru. Shouldn’t this be a stellar, global tourist attraction?
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@Seahawks #12s, join me in welcoming @TheRealPenny22, RB, San Diego State to Seattle. Moments ago,@PeteCarroll and John shared the news with him.#GoHawks
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Koreas make history, Trump’s UK visit, Turner Prize shortlist: Your Friday news briefing from the FT https://t.co/GIai3we6BX
It is more endangered than the mountain gorilla and giant panda, but few have heard of the vaquita. Meet the people trying to save it
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South Korea has the highest density of robot workers in the world https://t.co/fG2i9dM4W0 #automation
Watch: A smiling Kim Jong Un greeted Moon Jae-in and coaxed him across the line into the North for a moment, before they stepped back together into the South, while holding hands
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Modi in China to begin meet with Xi Jinping soon: Everything you must know
#ModiInChina #ModiXiSummit
What if superheroes aren’t really the good guys? https://t.co/8k0x5EXn2L
Innovation is about solving problems
Here's everything you need to know about the historic summit between North Korea's Kim Jong Un and South Korea's Moon Jae-in https://t.co/K2QrY1RzoU @TheJihyeLee reports for #tictocnews #KoreaSummit
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Avicii's death ruled a suicide.

Just a reminder that no matter how much money, fame, fortune, or happiness someone brings to others, it doesn't mean they themselves are happy. Rest easy.
BREAKING: Bill Cosby has been found guilty on all counts at sexual assault trial https://t.co/bahO1gzrMM
Congrats to @RichardGrenell on his confirmation as Ambassador to Germany. I cant believe Dems made it take this long, but better late than never. Good luck. #GrenellConfirmed
EARNINGS: Amazon Q1 EPS $3.27 vs. $1.26 Est.; Q1 Revs. $51.04B vs. $49.78B Est. • $AMZN soars more than 6% after-hours https://t.co/RNYHI6Zo6P
Trump tells Fox and Friends that he decided to do an interview with them because it's Melania's birthday. Asked what he got her, he pauses and says, "Maybe I didn't get her so much. I got her a beautiful card."
Scott Pruitt just told a Congressional Committee he gave his COS the green light to give raises to two EPA officials. That - in direct defiance of the WH - and contradicting what he told @FoxNews - that he wasn’t aware of the raises. This may be the end of the line .....
Happy birthday @FLOTUS! Wishing you an incredible day.
Welcome to the State Department, Secretary Mike Pompeo.
U.S.weekly jobless claims fall to lowest levels since 1969. Job market strong. Great news for all Americans!
https://t.co/eK8DlpyiEm via @YahooFinance
Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon
First time playing @FortniteGame and I get hit by a Boogie Bomb ? Lol wtf ?
It’s always incredible to watch a cultural shift happen in real time. I respect those willing to take the lead breaking with convention. That takes guts... though there’s a better word for it. 🏀🏀https://t.co/01jMdg6ETa
Remember the Black woman in Texas who got five years in prison for voting while on probation? A Republican judge in the same county just got five years probation for the felony of submitting fake signatures to qualify for the primary ballot. https://t.co/sSDC6lGUnm
Eh I don't get this . Can someone explain is she making a statement or what ?
BTS' 'DNA' Surpasses BIGBANG's 'Fantastic Baby' as Most-Viewed Music Video by a K-Pop Group on YouTube https://t.co/fs9nQrrzS6
The night sky above the Tesla South Australia Powerpack Project. Happy Earth Day
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in 2018, new tax-cut gives top 1% average of $4,261 per month

it gives bottom 20% of earners an average of $5 per month

HUD, per @washingtonpost, now preparing rent hikes of up to $100 per month for poor families receiving housing assistance

Dear @WhiteHouse - I’m new to Washington. If I was looking for an example of how “PAY TO PLAY” works, would this be it??https://t.co/Pddx8NmtY4
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