Kim Jong Un calls Trump "deranged," North Korea state news agency says
Intis Business Messaging – Features & Functions
Kim said Trump was a “gangster fond of playing of fire” who was unfit to be president
.@KellyannePolls: "Samantha Power was...requesting one unmasking per day for most of 2016. It's just a remarkable number. It's unheard of."
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Sec. Tillerson: US will cont. to work to halt proliferation of nuclear weapons. We ask all peace-loving nations to join us in this mission.
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The Marine will be the first woman in the Corps’ 241-year history eligible for a job commanding ground troops
Puerto Rico after Maria: No power, no cell service and devastation everywhere
.@rupertmurdoch, one of the Greatest Living Business Minds, on urgency:
This is a commonly held opinion and it is as factually wrong as thinking you signed up for Equifax.
.@mikeroweworks: "You can't deny the numbers. 6.2 million jobs are available right now. 75% of which don't require a 4 year degree."
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Mientras hay vida, hay esperanza. Mexico’s resilience is its strength. Apple is contributing $1M to recovery efforts. #FuerzaMexico 🇲🇽
Think about what it means that Jimmy Kimmel has evidently done more homework on health than any Republican senator over the past 8 years
Mexico City earthquake: 6 ways to help victims, from Airbnb to GoFundMe
.@BarackObama knows a thing or two about inspiring young people. We loved talking to him about how to empower others to change the world.
Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, explains why men can and should be feminists
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Scott Walker, Wisconsin Republicans approve law to give Foxconn preferential treatment in the state court system:
JUST IN: Google will announce acquisition of part of HTC's smartphone team, deal to be worth around $1 billion - source
Peace cannot be taken for granted. Those growing up on a continent of peace should never forget Europe was once a continent of war #PeaceDay
Ah, memories -- when I wasn't allowed to use the L word about Bush, and was called "shrill" bc I accused Rs of lying
“The Spanish government has crossed a red line and become a democratic disgrace.”
.@netanyahu's reaction to Trump speech:
JUST IN: President Trump is using campaign & RNC funds to pay Russia probe legal bills - Reuters, citing sources
This headline should read: "Americans who dress up as clowns outnumber clowns who dress up as Americans"
there is no doubt media coverage exaggerated the significance of Clinton's e-mails in a way that was not just dumb but obviously ridiculous
iOS 11 is available tomorrow — here are the update's best features
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Chair of @UKStatsAuth writes to @BorisJohnson to express "surprise and disappointment" at his "clear misuse of official statistics" re £350m
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