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He is M’s right hand man... Happy Birthday to Rory Kinnear, who plays Bill Tanner in QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008), SKYFALL (2012), SPECTRE (2015). Leave your coded greetings below.
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Q: If you could choose one song to perform today as a contestant, which one would you choose @katyperry ? #IdolDuets
- @KatyActivities

@katyperryA: answers!
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When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life 🐳 (via @Caters_News)
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Fake news. Fake attacks. Fake allegations. Fake Mexican. Fake American Indian. I think we’re finally getting the picture on how the Left operates
i have waited lifetimes to find you...
Better make mistakes
than faking perfections
unbreak their hearts -
devaststing -
the trauma tattoo
thanks to trump
There's still a lot Henry has to learn. Don't miss the new episode of #TWD TONIGHT!
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