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2 cousins killed execution style inside their own home, police say https://t.co/6EWLhLUd2d
PHOTOS: Atlanta United parade after MLS Cup victory https://t.co/khV8kFbxxE
Search for missing Colorado mother intensifies https://t.co/LbMoBMUydJ
We are getting a new look at the high speed chase that shut down a metro interstate for more than an hour. @NicoleCarrWSB has an update NEXT on Channel 2. https://t.co/CKoszteKpv
Channel 2's @AaronDiamantWSB is staying in touch with Atlanta police as they search for a gunman who killed a man inside a townhome. LIVE report NEXT on Channel 2.
Raising the trophy never gets old! Sports Director @ZachKleinWSB was in the middle of all the excitement Saturday night and again today with #AtldUtd. He continues our LIVE Team 2 Coverage NEXT on Channel 2. https://t.co/XHtW8tHtPf
A day of celebration as thousands crowded the streets to honor #MLS Champions #AtlUtd!! @carolsbargeWSB spoke with fans who braved the cold and rain, NEXT on Channel 2. https://t.co/Uxixh9gTAT
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Join @JovitaMoore and @JustinFarmerWSB for the Channel 2 Action News at 5 STARTING NOW.

Watch live online here: https://t.co/hQxI1GbkWi
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Atlanta Public Schools delayed, Floyd County schools closed tomorrow because of unsafe road conditions.

We continue our LIVE Team 2 Coverage on Channel 2 Action News at 5. https://t.co/72Dl8ntkru
If you have evening plans, pack the umbrella. Severe Weather Team 2 continues to update the forecast as new models come in. The latest NEXT on Channel 2 Action News at 5. https://t.co/BvEpU6itLS
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