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the truth hurts but lies are worse
The truth hurts, but lies are worse.

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Epic Women
i love this too
I Love this too!
@hgtv 2 hours
when kitchen dreams come true propertybrothers tonight 98c with mrdrewscott amp mrsilverscott
When kitchen dreams come true...
#PropertyBrothers Tonight 9|8c with @MrDrewScott & @MrSilverScott
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Pretty Little Liars
out here with the incredible hayleyerin with 5 minutes to go live tweet with the cast using plltheperfectionis
Out here with the incredible @HayleyErin with 5 minutes to go! Live tweet with the cast using #PLLThePerfectionists.
Patton Oswalt
what if trump can actually see mccains ghost and were all just making fun of the grown up kid from the sixth s
What if Trump can actually see McCain’s ghost and we’re all just making fun of the grown-up kid from THE SIXTH SENSE?
Millionaire Mindset
appreciate those who dont give up on you
Appreciate those who don’t give up on you
Chase Rice
apparently spring is here didnt know that but we sure picked a damn good day to fish
Apparently spring is here. Didn’t know that but we sure picked a damn good day to fish.
Millionaire Mindset
if you dont have haters youre not chasing your dreams
If you don’t have haters you’re not chasing your dreams
@allkpop 2 hours
bts confirmed to attend the fact music awards hosted by fan n star
BTS confirmed to attend 'The Fact Music Awards' hosted by Fan N Star
The Dodo
@dodo 2 hours
need a giant lizard to pamper thank you for sharing macgyverlizard
Need a giant lizard to pamper! Thank you for sharing @MacGyverLizard 🦎💚
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Pretty Little Liars
it always comes back to trust pretty little liars the perfectionists is all new next wednesday at 8 7c on
It always comes back to trust.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is all new next Wednesday at 8/7c on @FreeformTV. #PLLThePerfectionists
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