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@LouiseMensch @MargaretHardwi5 @mikes_booh @ArlenBlo @crushmycurls @integrityshines @ACLU @Snowden @JulianAssange @mopengm It's false and defamatory.
@LouiseMensch @MargaretHardwi5 @mikes_booh @ArlenBlo @crushmycurls @integrityshines @ACLU @Snowden @JulianAssange @mopeng @Snowdenm do you want us to sue this serial fabricator?
@MattThomasTO @smarsilia @barbaricus @realDonaldTrump WikiLeaks released the biggest leak in CIA history--under the current administration. As you may be aware, the current administration is trying to extradite our publisher. WikiLeaks is not in the commentary business.
CIA whistleblower @JohnKiriakou describes how erosion of the U.S. justice system has turned it into a totalitarian state with a 99% conviction rate [14 times higher than the UK, which is still high at 86%] https://t.co/7nQM0i3dvG
America's whistleblower persecution sullies the US constitution
@MattThomasTO @smarsilia @barbaricus @realDonaldTrump WikiLeaks tries not to editorialize. It promotes its publications and defends its staff, reputation, rights, alleged sources and model. It works when the main stream media doesn't work. CIA and FBI officers have easier open doors at Washington Post and CNN on Trump.
Yes. A clear defamation. @Viner
@MattThomasTO @smarsilia @barbaricus @realDonaldTrump WikiLeaks makes no effort to take the middle ground. We don't do A because we did B. We do:
1) freedom of speech, accuracy, protection of sources, protection of historical archives and oppose the abuse of secrecy
2) maximizing the readership of the leaks sent to us
Bombshell! Video mashup reveals US media collusion hysteria https://t.co/ML9pNgIc7S
@carolecadwalla @PiersRobinson1 @DavidMillerBat @Tim_Hayward_ @RTUKnewsh With all due respect to the intelligence norm of "deny everything, admit nothing, make counter-accusations ", you have *not* answered the question. Have you heard of, or been involved with, the FCO influence network Integrity Initiative or its parent Institute for Statecraft?
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