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JUST NOW: Image from press conference in Quito wit @wikileaksh ' General Counsel Baltasar Garzón and Ecuadorian lawyer Carlos Poveda (right of table)
Statement: WikiLeaks publisher @julianassange launches case against his continued gagging, duress https://t.co/uVQbYRlth1
Statement: Julian Assange launches case over his continued gagging, threat

Read: https://t.co/uVQbYRlth1
WikiLeaks' lawyer Judge Baltasar Garzón arrives in Ecuador to file case today over @julianassange's isolation and gagging. Hearing next week. Background: https://t.co/2jOgvSu5bG
Suppressed video and audio of journalist being killed https://t.co/1oiZkBwEbj
After US pressure, moves accelerate to strip WikiLeaks' publisher @julianassange of Ecuadorian citizenship. His citizenship status is a barrier to rendering him to another state as article 79 of Ecuador's constitution forbids extradition of citizens. https://t.co/mZxzLTtAuo
NEW: Ahead of midterms, ranking Democrat, but not Republican, of House Foreign Relations Committee pressures Ecuador's president @Lenin to hand over @wikileaks' publisher @julianassange "A dangerous criminal and a threat to global security"

Background: https://t.co/Mb6gXlz7QS
U.S. comedian @Jimmy_Dore on Facebook's censorship spree against establishment-critical sites https://t.co/ZOQvmrOMdX
@sin_cos_tan45 He was well connected to powerful factions inside and outside Saudi; was a frequent U.S. government source; a member of the pundit class--who dislike being assassinated. The killing is also a norm breaking threat to the diplomatic class and many want rid of MBS for other reasons.
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