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Latest Scoops
Video clip: President Obama on Manning, WikiLeaks & Assange (Jan 18) https://t.co/ogehKjGM1Y
Trump's breach of promise over the release of his tax returns is even more gratuitous than Clinton concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts.
Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated today that Trump will not release his tax returns. Send them to: https://t.co/cLRcuIiQXz so we can.
Asian press reporting US has withdrawn from TPP. https://t.co/KaSordARO8 states that US will withdraw from TPP https://t.co/61FOG7LiHg
Top ten whistleblowers in history https://t.co/cvLtobhcfH
Size of DC #WomensMarch today & ongoing flak by Dem-press, Soros, CIA, etc, show Trump in for Korea-like protests https://t.co/zA5ElfKMLk
The police build up (Diplomatic and MET) around the embassy where Assange has asylum has now ceased. Buildup first sighted at 7am GMT.
There is a significant build up of UK police forces around the embassy + city block where Assange has asylum.
Reward for the killers of Seth Rich is now $130,000 https://t.co/KAiNFJusIb
Remembering the inhuman and degrading treatment of Chelsea Manning https://t.co/iae6U58EMr @justleft
NYTimes editorial board issues statement on Manning, Snowden and Leonard Peltier https://t.co/CHhGu1I7NO
Background to the DoJ/FBI case against WikiLeaks https://t.co/1M5HjX37Yn

More: https://t.co/Mb6gXlz7QS
LIVE WikiLeaks general press conf #askWL https://t.co/mm5nJ3COkE
WikiLeaks general press conf with Assange will start today at 12.30pm eastern. Audio live stream @WikiLeaks shortly before. Use #AskWL
WSJ: CIA head Brennan back-peddles on Trump 'dirty dossier' claiming he hasn't even read it https://t.co/nrZGcSdqhn
Obama has issued a swathe of executive orders in the last 2 weeks giving US spies presents from mass spying to labor+classification changes.
Video: Manning attorneys speak to Amy Goodman on clemency https://t.co/WCjTogTzuU
Murray: Stunning Admission from Obama on Wikileaks https://t.co/hXo5Ucr0o5
Obama press conf this afternoon on WIkiLeaks & Assange. Turns lack of knowledge into smear. https://t.co/KyHq6g7spk https://t.co/VmEiqY9wnT
Obama press conf this afternoon on WIkiLeaks & Assange. Turns lack of knowledge into smear. https://t.co/KyHq6g7spk https://t.co/VmEiqY9wnT
Assange is still happy to come to the US provided all his rights are guarenteed despite White House now saying Manning was not quid-quo-pro.
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