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Latest Scoops

Turkey retaliates against Trump tariffs, hiking fees on U.S. imports in spiraling dispute https://t.co/WvyRuTBv6f
Italian leaders demand resignations at company operating collapsed bridge https://t.co/e4Knol8MDw
Analysis: Not even Republicans buy the Trump team’s "collusion isn’t a crime" defense https://t.co/Ryj9z1siSz
Closing arguments in Paul Manafort's tax- and bank-fraud trial are scheduled to begin this morning. Follow our coverage. https://t.co/S7UMPWXEGJ
She was a teen mother who became teacher of the year. Now, Jahana Hayes wants to become Connecticut’s first black member of Congress. https://t.co/KuwgNEOcYX
Perspective: How conservatives made socialism attractive https://t.co/JBIWnh64eT
House leadership super PAC highlights arrest record of Randy Bryce, the Democrat seeking Paul Ryan’s seat https://t.co/j5F4D4Sk1v
The Daily 202: Republicans try to make "liberal" attack line stick in new ad campaign https://t.co/HHA3l0h6Uf
Analysis: 50 years ago, Elvis had fallen from grace. But one comeback TV special changed everything. https://t.co/QcCVxlxzbY
In primaries across four states Tuesday, there were big winners and losers. Here's our analysis. https://t.co/3zVhgKgLnC
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