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Latest Scoops
U.S. and Russia boost dialogue about Syria operations to include generals https://t.co/SMoj0Irarg
Trump said he would save jobs at Carrier. The layoffs start July 20. https://t.co/RQ4Kq0cBxF
How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe https://t.co/aDjzM7nAXR
An American president will speak in Germany on Thursday, and it’s not Trump https://t.co/x2Ez5ZhxsO
Britain dispatches military as it stares down the threat of further attacks https://t.co/JViWqciEpc
Signs of the Manchester attacker’s possible radicalization appeared more than a year ago https://t.co/wAzO3mJmAj
The Pope and Melania Trump had an awkward exchange about nut bread, and now we all want to try it https://t.co/xErqxtOi5c
Republican candidate in Montana race "body-slams" reporter, prompting police investigation https://t.co/MOOzgaVQ0D
A battle over jurors ends, and a trial looms for Bill Cosby https://t.co/oCehvXl4VO
Analysis: Prepare for the weirdest Election Day in history, after a candidate allegedly body-slams a reporter https://t.co/55KsLgFzb7
After the Manchester attack, many travelers with tickets to Britain are asking: Should I go?
Sessions didn’t disclose meetings with Russian officials on security clearance form https://t.co/cPBq7bqnkH
Analysis: Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress https://t.co/uO4Cbllen0
Marijuana extract sharply cuts seizures in severe form of epilepsy https://t.co/g4gzuxknxe
“That’s a big one”: Father-son team relocates 40,000 bees swarming in Virginia neighborhood https://t.co/BFCkF7gHym
Do federal consent decrees improve local police departments? This study says they might https://t.co/KK1i8ZjFWu
Trump official in charge of food stamps departs from Trump’s plan to gut the program https://t.co/pTDEv4JLhs
The "Game of Thrones" season seven trailer has arrived and "the great war is here" https://t.co/m1BlnSqzlN
Halfway house residents found two men dead from overdoses — their drug counselors https://t.co/EAXyhWfYv4
Armed troops guard Buckingham Palace and other London landmarks after Manchester attack https://t.co/7wZcN9Z63U
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