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Latest Scoops

Saudi Arabia "rejects" U.S. Senate resolution blaming crown prince for Khashoggi killing https://t.co/HVMGV0i7Wu
Look inside a "one of a kind," 4,400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt https://t.co/z6VuJf2ogH
In Cameroon, journalists are being jailed on charges of "fake news" https://t.co/1ZTih4I4uO
Obama rips GOP after the Affordable Care Act ruled unconstitutional https://t.co/O2HTq8mTvB
Tucker Carlson suggested immigrants make the U.S. "dirtier" — and it cost Fox News an advertiser https://t.co/K0LoKBn0Fx
Pull out your can openers for these tinned fish recipes https://t.co/cW6AsrnFjF
The museums on the National Mall can be overwhelming. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss. https://t.co/MwpJwhYX5l
Perspective: What parents need to know before buying Google Home or Amazon Echo https://t.co/hD6ShRETsk
Melania Trump is not a "reluctant" first lady, spokeswoman says in fiery op-ed https://t.co/Sbu9FIop8j
Robert Mueller is the most unknowable man in Washington https://t.co/Len1orwaS3
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