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Latest Scoops

Jay Gruden says he is looking for some improvements from Alex Smith, Redskins’ offense https://t.co/jZCKzfpZyH
Opinion: Pastor Brunson is free. But the West still needs a policy on Erdogan’s hostages. https://t.co/EwR14WFaO9
Opinion: This is just one stop on a tour of global horrors https://t.co/GubbYuNT66
Ribs with a side of red beans: A taste of New Orleans’s new barbecue scene https://t.co/3AxYZIgAo7
Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig’s baby carrier. Twitter gave him a lesson on modern manhood. https://t.co/JOF7PeFXN8
Analysis: By going west, LeBron James has reset the entire NBA https://t.co/wtrzaj7j7U
Opinion: We need the Exhausted Majority to speak up https://t.co/gv1fU0LUuf
Critic-proof "Venom" tops box office for a second week https://t.co/HhPZcXXUMz
A family stranded by Hurricane Michael spelled ‘HELP’ with downed trees. Then, their niece spotted it online. https://t.co/8vzDpNdCKB
Opinion: Democrats won’t defeat Trump by becoming the Trumps of the left https://t.co/6pVM5q6D44
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