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Vox film critic @alissamarie shares her top movies of the year — and how you can watch them: https://t.co/n1aawHSRek
Why the Kevin Hart Oscars backlash was different from other recent public shamings https://t.co/LhlyFlWsdi
Embattled French President Macron announces concessions to quell weeks of violent protests https://t.co/GmaCyUQb9H
GOP leader who gloated about Benghazi probe wants Dems to refrain from investigating Trump https://t.co/m0W0DZrEjz
There’s a great anti-poverty bill in the Senate. Why haven’t we heard more about it? https://t.co/srkanB9sv6
It’s official: Trump’s asylum crisis is driven by people coming legally https://t.co/hqMdVerehb
Theresa May has delayed a vote on her Brexit deal, after it became clear the deeply unpopular proposal would have gone down by a humiliating margin. https://t.co/RJV4IHPciw
Scaling up good ideas is really, really hard — and we’re starting to figure out why. Vox talks with @mushfiqmobarak about @Yale’s YRISE and why promising programs often fall apart when we try to offer them to more people. https://t.co/dUlXnm2ZZi
Here’s what a surprising Planned Parenthood decision tells us about the Supreme Court in the Kavanaugh era https://t.co/BDs5YRAjDu
Theresa May halts Brexit deal vote to avoid defeat, throwing British politics into chaos https://t.co/YqtuhtnvI1
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