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Brett Kavanaugh is facing multiple new allegations of sexual misconduct days before he is due to face the woman who first accused him of sexual assault https://t.co/kpAFWFfas4
Every 12 minutes in the U.S., a person takes their own life.
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China’s government operates a comprehensive online censorship system to stop citizens from accessing information that it deems unsavory, as well as silencing opposing voices. https://t.co/3J7n63LUnT
Alabama comedian Darren Knight admonished his fellow comedians for being too focused on subjects like sexual orientation and racism. But that didn't kill his career.
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After her own suicide attempt, this photographer has interviewed nearly 200 suicide attempt survivors across the U.S. to amplify their voices.
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It might be a few decades late, but hip-hop is huge in China. There’s just one hitch: None of this should be happening. https://t.co/yK3Ft5tgVO
These are the craziest campaign ads of the 2018 midterms.
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Thanks to a new trade war between the U.S. and Rwanda, historians can add another, unlikely catalyst to the list: used clothing. https://t.co/BhBT82anBR
Welcome to Putian, the fake sneaker capital of China.
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This arrest — executed by ICE but directly facilitated by the police — is exactly the kind of thing that’s not supposed to happen in a sanctuary city like Chicago.
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