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buhari is not wrong if you dont want to die dont snatch ballot boxes festus keyamo
Buhari is not wrong; if you don’t want to die, don’t snatch ballot boxes – Festus Keyamo
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@ajplus 3 hours
people in new zealand and around the world are remembering the victims of the mass shootings at two mosques
People in New Zealand and around the world are remembering the victims of the mass shootings at two mosques.
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new zealand bans military style semi automatics and assault rifles after the christchurch mosque attack an int
New Zealand bans military style semi-automatics and assault rifles after the Christchurch mosque attack. "An interim measure to ensure the trade of these weapons ceases from 3pm local time today," says PM @jacindaardern
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live commercial free one on one waleed aly sits down with prime minister tonight on from 630 on
Live. Commercial-free. One on one.

Waleed Aly sits down with Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP.

Tonight on #TheProjectTV from 6.30 on @channelten
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Sudhir Chaudhary
may this holi add more joy and colours to your life happyholi to everyone holi2019
May this Holi add more joy and colours to your life. #HappyHoli to everyone.
@TIME 2 hours
new zealand has announced an immediate ban on military style weapons following last week s mosque shootings
New Zealand has announced an immediate ban on military-style weapons following last week's mosque shootings
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@ANI_news 1 hour
gujarat holi being celebrated using tomatoes in ahmedabad holi2019
Gujarat: Holi being celebrated using tomatoes, in Ahmedabad #Holi2019
The Int'l Spectator
say they have confidence in narendra modi s leadership india 65 russia 44 japan 40 uk 36 italy 36 nigeria 33 m
Say they have confidence in Narendra Modi's leadership.

India: 65%
Russia: 44%
Japan: 40%
UK: 36%
Italy: 36%
Nigeria: 33%
Mexico: 32%
Canada: 32%
US: 27%
Germany: 26%
France: 25%
South Africa: 17%
UAE: 17%
Turkey: 9%
Egypt: 8%
Saudi: 7%
Pakistan: 3%

(Spectator Index)
@CNN 48 minutes
drinking very hot tea almost doubles the risk of cancer a new study says
Drinking very hot tea almost doubles the risk of cancer, a new study says
The Int'l Spectator
smartest countries in the world 2019 1 japan 2 switzerland 3 china 4 united states 5 netherlands 6 russia 7 be
Smartest countries in the world, 2019.

1. Japan
2. Switzerland
3. China
4. United States
5. Netherlands
6. Russia
7. Belgium
8. United Kingdom
9. Canada
10. South Korea


Longer list:
@CNN 2 hours
former sen bob kerrey on president trump he sees all of us who went to vietnam as fools we were the ones that
Former Sen. Bob Kerrey on President Trump: “He sees all of us who went to Vietnam as fools. ... We were the ones that didn’t have the resources to be able to get out of the draft. ... Show us your bone spurs. Let’s see those X-rays!”
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