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That face you make when you just wanna say, “Really, tho?!”
Shooting on set with people you love is no different than eating dinner with loved ones. You text rather than talk. Ha! #LifeSize2
COMMENT GAME: Was this filmed 18 years ago on the set of #LifeSize or this year on the #LifeSize22 set?!#SheStayLookinYoungBoo
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It was the year of women taking over!

It was the year of Eve’s return!

Find out how I took over in this @metropolitanmagazine inside look!
Secretary Eve behind the scenes!

And she just typed this for you! “kbSpfj ffhwfhf jmfjf!”

If you haven’t watched #LifeSize2 yet, you can watch it any time on !
Recording Artist Eve.

This was the look Eve wore into the studio when she spit those bars, made that bop, and flexed so hard she came out on top! #LifeSize2 Get that Be A Star 2 remix ASAP!
Eve is waiting for you.
Did you know you can watch #LifeSize2 on @Hulu, on demand and https://t.co/moqKmr7w66?
Serving you H2T snow angel fierceness on the cover for @REMIXmagazine’s #REMIX100! Happy Holidays everyone!
Top Model has lost a beautiful soul. We will all remember Jael and her fun-loving spirit and beautiful soul.
Lifesize 2’s major success is a dream come true for this birthday girl today! It’s special cuz I get to share my birthday week w/YOU & Eve! One photo is raw and the other is app-i-fied taking me from TyTy to Eve Fly! Ok, gonna go celebrate with my “extra” special friend now. 🎉
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