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Working my way through the solar system. Turns out Mars wasn’t the kind of place to raise kids, so I’m headed to Europa. Snapchat: bobakf

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So the Voyagers are like the tortoises of spacecraft. But the analogy really does work.
“Also if you had the opportunity to bring a 180kg of stuff back from the surface Mars, the last thing I want to bring is something I know exactly what it’s made of!”
Squyres: “We built them for Mars, that’s the place that they were designed to go, that’s their home, that’s where I’d like them to stay.”
If by lunch you mean drinking a protein shake through a straw. I’m not taking off my helmet.
So as not to end this on a sad note, let me tell you about the time I kissed a rover.

(We should hope all missions last so long that questionable fashion choices at their start become downright terrible ones at their end)
I should very much like to visit you one day, Opportunity.

But we’re not really saying goodbye. Opportunity is part of us, the lessons learned, the people, the very engineering & science DNA is part of @MarsCuriosity and Mars 2020, and every mission here at JPL now.

It’s a very proud lineage.

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Today a spacecraft flew just a few thousand kilometres above a storm that has been going on for centuries on a planet 800 million km away
That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.
-Carl Sagan
So we say goodnight to @MarsRovers Opportunity and thank you for years of sharing your adventures with us. And to a team who built and cared for you, tirelessly fought for you, operated you, congratulations on an incredible mission. Thank you.
I can't imagine if be working @nasa today if anything like this had ever happened to me. #IStandWithAhmed
I made the mistake of imagining what it would be like to be Cassini, watching Saturn grow larger & larger, sending my discoveries home...
If you're having a rough day, just remember that sometimes even NASA's top scientists & engineers struggle with the bathroom trashcan. #STEMDay
Taken fifty years ago today, this perspective from Apollo 8 is still a powerful reminder that we all inhabit a delicately beautiful world together.

Happy holidays, neighbors.
Hey Ahmed, give me a call in a couple years. We could always use smart, curious & creative people.
For a fleeting moment, I stood on the surface of Mars, looking over tracks left in the Martian plains, and watched a dust devil on another world.

A memory I would not have without our . #SaveOppy #WakeUpOppy
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