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Who ya got in tonight's #AllStarGame ?
"It's real. The Raptors are legitimately talking to the Spurs."

- @WindhorstESPN dropped by #TimAndSid, with @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa, to confirm the Kawhi to Toronto rumours today.
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"There's a generation of kids who are not growing up as baseball fans. And that's a problem for the sport."

- @JeffPassan speaking to @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa on the state of baseball on #TimAndSid.
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We've still got a full hour left of #TimAndSid on @Sportsnet.

Coming up, @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa will be taking you to Washington to prep you for tonight's Midsummer Classic.
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An analogy for the ages... Toronto forgot to make dinner, so they need to acquire a pizza called Kawhi Leonard.

@SNFaizalKhamisa and @SNCaroline debate whether or not the Raptors should trade for Kawhi:
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Right now on @Sportsnet, @WindhorstESPN, the man who said the Toronto Raptors are in the "driver's seat" to get Kawhi, has joined @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa live on #TimAndSid. https://t.co/RRhOd7mtel
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For the next two hours, @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa are live on @Sportsnet. 📺

We'll be getting to your thoughts and opinions all show long so make sure to keep sending them our way.
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This afternoon on #TimAndSid, you'll be getting two hours of @SNCaroline and @SNFaizalKhamisa.

They'll be getting you set for a [possibly] wet All Star Game and breaking down the Kawhi rumours with @WindhorstESPN.

2p PST / 5p EST on @Sportsnet.
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On his podcast, Zach Lowe suggested it could take DeRozan, Siakam, and a 1st Round Pick to get Kawhi Leonard.

As a Raptors fan, would you do this trade for one guaranteed year of Kawhi?
Which league has the best All Star Game? 🌟
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