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We tracked down Tatar Guy to help us out with Best of the Week! (Of course he won)...@Nate13Burleson was all in. 😂😂😂
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As seen on #TimandSid Best of the Week... @Nate13Burleson helps us break down his punt return TD. 🏈
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Is that... @Nate13Burleson LIVE in studio? Yep. Tune in! #TimandSid
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World Series MVP Steve Pearce is back in Boston for another year. #MLB ⚾️
Here we go...

@Sid_Seixeiro and @donnovanbennett are on the air across the country for the next hour and a half on @Sportsnet.

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Ryan Strome of the #Oilers is on his way to the #NYR in exchange for Ryan Spooner. #NHL #Trade
This Aaron Rodgers pose last night really reminded us of some-... Oh no. ❄️ 👑
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Discussed on the show after Dwane Casey's big win in Toronto...

“I believe the Pistons and the Raptors might be the best rivalry in the Eastern Conference right now” - @Sid_Seixeiro #TimandSid

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The Houston Rockets 🚀 are parting ways with Carmelo Anthony. He will remain on the roster, but won't rejoin the team. #NBA
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