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Latest Scoops

Hear from Masai Ujiri this Monday on Tim and Sid when we air @tim_micallef’s one on one interview with the Raptors’ President.

We’re on across the country at 5p EST / 2p PST on @Sportsnet.
Would you rather have a used MLB game ball or chicken fingers and fries?

@tim_micallef and @Sid_Seixeiro take a deep dive into the biggest post non-waiver and waiver deadline deal, in baseball history:
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Your Best of the Week winner:

Chip the Buffalo, taking one in the Buffalos

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Should @tim_micallef sing more during #TimAndSid?

Hit up https://t.co/75uYzcY0xP to voice your opinion.
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100 MPH + Movement 😯😯😯

Jordan Hicks just missed out on making this week's Best of the Week, but we need to share his crazy pitch.

Tune in to #TimAndSid today to see the full list of BOW nominees.

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Who's the National League MVP?

@JeffPassan told @tim_micallef and @Sid_Seixeiro it's Jacob deGrom:
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What story should @tim_micallef and @Sid_Seixeiro start today's show with?

🔲 The Browns FINALLY won a game
🔲 The Jays 9th inning comeback
🔲 Is Tiger back?

Head to https://t.co/75uYzcY0xP to let us know what The Lead should be!
Does this change your opinion on the Domi suspension?
Browns fans walking into work this morning

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The Calgary Flames are going old school with their third jersey 🔥🔥🔥

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