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It only happens 3 times this century and has an even more unusual name. Meet the "super blood wolf moon" unfolding now
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SpaceX foundry casting Raptor engine manifold out of Inconel
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Trump has arrived at the golf course in Florida, per pool, on the first full day of the national emergency.
At the Umuda Isingwu village Community Primary School polling station contemplating the last minute postponement of Nigeria's presidential and legislative elections, children have taken back their primary school for early morning soccer.
Toby Young being absolutely destroyed by a schoolkid is why I come back to this website
Electricity accounts for just 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. We need breakthroughs in five key areas to prevent the worst climate-change scenarios:
"I don't need to do this," says the president, declaring a national emergency.

Mr. President, you’re absolutely right. You didn’t. #FakeTrumpEmergency
To put it mildly, there could have been a few days’ notice of postponement to enable people to plan and avoid wasted travel costs! Not easy for the pockets of ordinary Nigerians!
WATCH: Video sent to me of Venezuelan military PREVENTING people from accessing food and medicine near Cucuta, Colombia. #Maduro refusing the let supplies into the country... #SOSVenezuela
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Since #CitizensUnited, no @SenateGOP members have brought up a serious piece of legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Now, @senatemjdldr is going to break this streak & bring up the first carbon-related bill with the intention to vote against it. Who does that? And why?
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'Morning Joe' Rips Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Over Amazon Pull-Out. ⁦@Ocasio2018⁩ has crushed her state and district and still doesn’t understand how. Very sad to watch this in our elected lea
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