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The Philippine government is on target to re-open the popular resort island of Boracay by October 26th, says local media #tictocnews
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2 premium Yubari melons (#夕張メロン) sold for $30,000 in Japan #tictocnews
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A fast food boom is luring Southeast Asia’s top palm oil producers to Myanmar to meet surging demand in the formerly-isolated state https://t.co/aDeFeB5Wal #tictocnews
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Netflix’s top spokesman is stepping down following “insensitive” remarks he made to colleagues https://t.co/3GPfOs74co #tictocnews
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-Netflix fires spokesman over racial slur
-OPEC could help U.S. gas prices
-United customers miss their favorite in-air snack

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Job prospects, savings, safety nets, life expectancy: The data shows that millennials are waking up to a grim financial future. @BSteverman has more https://t.co/XETmmBnJPa #tictocnews
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- Netflix fires spokesman over racial slur
- United risks backlash for ditching snack
- OPEC could send gas prices down
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Starbucks is closing about 150 U.S. stores https://t.co/tMZRhuYQnL
The head of NATO says there's no guarantee the alliance will survive under the current strain of U.S.-European relations #tictocnews
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Netflix’s top spokesman is stepping down after using a racial slur to colleagues https://t.co/5m31o1LJww #tictocnews
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