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A Dutch project to return art stolen from Jewish families by Nazis has surfaced 170 pieces in museums across the Netherlands
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Apparently, robots can do parkour now. Thanks @BostonDynamics
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Nobel Laureate in Peace Nadia Murad says she will pledge all of her prize money to help end sexual violence in war #NobelPeacePrize
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60 dogs competed for the title of Berlin's fastest pug on Saturday. Emma, the winner, finished in just under 6 seconds #NationalPugDay #tictocnews
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⚡️This is Mayawati. The icon of India’s poor is seen as key to defeating PM Modi

A New York Times event where Kanye West and Charlamagne tha God were going to discuss mental health in the black community has been canceled
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Meet @ngoziu, the cartoonist who raised more than $800,000 to bring her webcomic "Check, Please!" to bookstores #tictocnews
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China just legalized the use of "re-education camps" for "religious extremists" in Xinjiang, where up to a million Muslim Uighurs have been detained.

This comes amid international outcry
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⚡️ Prince William: Elephants 🐘, rhinos, tigers 🐯 may be gone when kids reach 20s #EndWildlifeCrime
-Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is dead at 65
-Airport facial recognition technology is set to expand
-Trouble may be brewing for beer prices due to climate change
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